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Why SwoopTalent?

Why SwoopTalent?


Your SwoopTalent private talent data lake lets you maximize the impact of HR by making it easier to do every single thing you need to do with data.  Get the right data instantly in the hands of your recruiters, give your analysts a huge, comprehensive dataset, power machine learning - or even make your system migrations easy.  You'll be amazed how many ways we help.

Connect your systems

Your recruiting and HR teams works in multiple systems and keeping data consistent is an ongoing struggle. With SwoopTalent, it doesn't have to be. 

Manage your data

Is your people data out of date? Are you migrating from one HRMS to another? Did you already do a migration and realize that you need some of your old data? No problem, we have you covered.

Enable AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence, and particularly machine learning, are shaping up to be very important in business and talent.  For them to be really successful, they need really good data - like we give you.

Power Analytics

With great data comes great responsibility. People data has historically been difficult to analyze. With SwoopTalent Insights linked to our data lake of 400M profiles combined with your people data you'll be given the ammunition to make quick, smart talent decisions.

Get Data in the right hands

We make access to talent data easy. If your teams are working within Swoop, they'll easily see up to date public and internal data about a candidate. If they're utilizing another system; they'll have access to the same detailed data via our browser extension.

Ready for what's next

The future is data-driven.  We arrange your data to train algorithms, feed analytics and power AI.  We keep it clean, fresh, and curated - and and we let your data keep you ready for whatever is next.  

Connect your systems

Talent data exists in a LOT of places across the organization.  There are core systems like the ATS, CRM, HRMS, LMS and RMS.  Niche solutions such as assessments, performance, workforce management and video interviewing.  Then there are the spreadsheets, resumes and assorted unstructured data sources.  And that's without even considering all the professional data available on the internet.

We connect all that for you, automatically.  No kidding - we handle it all.

Your team will save time, and time is everything. When your teams switch from system to system to do the same work, you increase the chances of inconsistent data and ultimately crush productivity. With Swoop, you see all your data, across all your systems, in one place. It's that simple. 

We understand that this means integration with big industry titans like Taleo and Workday, but also with brand new hot apps we haven't even heard of yet.  We make it easy. Swoop handles those relationships and integrations to ensure your team can just do their work.


Manage your data

Keeping your data connected and refreshed doesn't have to be a challenge. SwoopTalent can easily connect to your existing people data and refresh it with all available public data. Whether you're enriching your workforce profile data to increase internal mobility or trying to see if individuals who have applied in the past would fit for an opening; you'll know your data is refreshed and find the best talent. 

Oh snap, you just found out your company is acquiring someone else and you'll be switching from the two HRMS systems you currently use to a brand new one. Don't panic! You won't have to do mappings in spreadsheets or stress about how all your data will migrate over with Swoop on your side. Our API can integrate directly to your existing systems, normalize your data, augment it and migrate it with ease. If you'd prefer to upload your data, no problem, you can easily access clean files that have been structured for your new HRMS. 

Finally, you finished your migration and decided not to migrate over "education history." Six months later, a new executive wants you to analyze what universities your top Engineers are coming from. Not a problem! ALL of your data is stored securely in our SwoopTalent data lake. We can help you migrate over that data and then guess what, we can even help you analyze it with SwoopTalent Insights.

Enable AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, so cool these days.  But also very likely to be a core technique across the entire talent lifecycle very soon.  These are types of "cognitive technology", being empowered lately by two key things - vast improvements in processing power, and vastly increased access to data.  Because cognitive LOVES data.   And all of the cognitive technology you use will love how we curate and enrich your data.  

Even better, we let you use your data however you need to, for whatever AI or machine learning initiatives you have.  Some of our customers are using the data en masse for their own data science teams to build algorithms.  Some of them are running algorithms in our ecosystem, and others connecting AI vendors via API.  Flexibility is key.

What else is key is the power of data network effects.  Rather than running AI against a single dataset such as your ATS, we make it possible for you to run it against ALL the data - a rich, comprehensive set that will improve your AI outcomes.

Power Analytics

Whether you want to analyze the labor market or your own people data; we make analytics simple with SwoopTalent Insights. 

  • 400M+ records, across industries, and your company people data, can quickly be analyzed
  • Beautiful visualizations pushed in real time
  • Dashboard customization in minutes, not hours or days
  • Your choice to run analytics in your own platform, or ours

Get data in the right hands

We get it. You've got multiple stakeholders and teams working across platforms. You dream of a time where your working teams can access the right data at the right time. Well, with SwoopTalent, they can. 

  • Custom searches by name, location, skills, keywords, expertise, company and more
  • Up to date profiles that pull in all relevant internal and external data
  • One push sync in and out of your other HR systems
  • Browser extension that works across HR and popular sourcing sites
  • One click access to find contact details

Be ready for what's next

As a data driven organization, leading the way in our space with AI and ML, we're setup to grow with you. We know that a company's data leads them down several paths (ours has led us down several roads). When you partner with SwoopTalent, we're happy to co-pilot or drive as you need. If you have new systems to connect, want to experiment with using AI or ML to match talent with jobs or job descriptions with talent, we want to be your partner. 

Coming Soon:  SwoopTalent Insights

Historically, companies have struggled with getting the best insights from their people data and don't have the correct data sources to put together meaningful workforce analytics. Until now. SwoopTalent Insights pulls in over 400M people profiles, across industries, and connects them to all of YOUR data.  Then you get full authoring access to create any analytics or visualizations you want, and share them with your entire organization.  You can easily create, edit and publish analytics dashboards in minutes, not hours or days. Request a demo today and we'll give you a sneak preview!

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