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Talent Acquisition

Build your all-star team with SwoopTalent!

Sourcing, filtering, targeting, hiring – talent acquisition teams have to manage a constant flow of rapid decisions. Let our platform provide faster access to the best information out there for every step and any decision.

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Have all your systems always on hand

Recruiting means you need regular access to all kinds of information, wherever you are. SwoopTalent gathers it all into a single record you can see anywhere. Check ATS data while you’re on LinkedIn, peek at social profiles when you’re in the CRM – anything anywhere you need it. That leaves you with fewer frustrations and more time to focus on your big goals!



Find talent faster

The perfect candidate could be anywhere – in your workforce (HRMS), CRM targets, hiring fair attendees, current or past candidates or even on social media. SwoopTalent gives you instant access to those candidates so that you can search the globe for the people you need within seconds.



Get the right people for your jobs

Our platform uses real machine learning that automatically suggests the best candidates – internal or external, active or passive. Best of all, you can change the rules or change your mind and our systems will continually learn from your choices to adapt to your needs.

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Automate tedious processes

SwoopTalent can relieve you of nearly any chore you hate. CRM updates? Got it. Decline letters? Done. New jobs can trigger tasks, searches – anything you need, anywhere you need it. Less drudgery frees you to focus on expansion, innovation, whatever keeps you motivated!



Change your tech stack easily

Want to add a chatbot to your ancient ATS? Maybe a new careers page system or RMS? Revamp your software with ease on our platform. If your team needs it to succeed, we can get it in there, even if it doesn’t show up on that list of “approved” software.

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Keep every piece of info safe

Files disappear in transfers. Papers pile up on desks or in cabinets. Resumes float helplessly in people’s inboxes while they’re out. And you know you’re missing valuable insights or great candidates in many of those places! SwoopTalent’s platform keeps ALL of your information in one place – even after you retire a system, and even if from paper! Never lose another superstar to mismanaged data.

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As Talent Acquisition becomes more and more strategically important, effectively managing talent data does, too.

Talk to sales about how our Talent Data Platform sets your Talent Acquisition up for maximum impact.