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Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketers probably spend more time than any other HR department in engaging external talent. SwoopTalent gets all the data you need for that together and keeps it fresh. You’ll work with all the systems and tools you need right at your fingertips. Power up your recruitment marketing!

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Find leads anywhere

The best candidates are in many places – your ATS, CRM, RMS, and of course your organization’s current workforce. Our Talent Data Platform gives you a single place to access a rich view of ALL of these records. Mine, target, and manage your talent pools with a dataset that will blow your mind.

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360° view of candidates

With your records connected, you’ll have a complete view of every record. Know every touch point, internal assessment, and attribute to target better and offer more personalized engagement.

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Stay on top with the latest information

People change jobs, upgrade skills, move away – so many ways your HRMS, ATS, or CRM can become out of date. But we draw from every source you have connected to your systems to bring you the latest information from everywhere, so data decay no longer crushes your outcomes.

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Seamlessly connect all systems

Connect and take control of all your talent systems. Create your perfect HR tech stack using any systems you need with no data loss. SwoopTalent’s platform makes complex integrations simple and easy to access.

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Analyze everything

Recruiters work across multiple systems to find and appeal to the best candidates. But getting these systems to talk to each other, much less analyze, can be a daunting task. Our platform brings data from every system you use onto a single screen so you can study the entire lifecycle and draw insights without losing a single touchpoint.

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Get the dataset and technology you need to really target your recruitment marketing

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