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People Analytics

Turn complex data into clear visuals! 

People analytics, workforce analytics, talent analytics – whatever your company calls it, you need it for your talent strategy. If you want to bring in and retain the right people for your work, then you need to identify and understand trends and use advanced analytics to develop your competitive advantage.

All forms of data science, including AI and machine learning, have become essential to people analytics, along with accurate reporting and forecasting. Regardless of which aspect you focus on, you must have high-quality data and systems that communicate with each other to succeed. That’s where we come in.

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Connect your systems and skip the unique IDs

You have valuable information in a HUGE range of systems: recruiting, HR, performance, CRM, and more. SwoopTalent’s diverse connectors can automatically link your systems and pool your data, even without unique identifiers. And we go beyond systems – SwoopTalent also processes spreadsheets, collaboration software, resumes, and any other information you need to analyze.

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Build superb datasets with our self-adapting tech

When you add a new system or source to your SwoopTalent platform, it automatically adjusts to include everything you add, so you can access whatever you need immediately. It automatically adapts your SwoopTalent APIs and connectors as well, so you can start analyzing right away too. Migrations and M&A additions happen seamlessly, giving you more time to focus on tasks that need the human touch.

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Include External Data, Benchmarks and Aggregate Data

SwoopTalent automatically connects you with more than 500 million public talent profiles to enrich your analytics, analyze the labor market, and understand your competition. The platform also lets you use aggregate data such as financials, operations, and budget metrics – you can align any field to aggregate datasets and benchmarks.

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Normalize, curate, and organize everything

As well as automatically normalizing job titles, company names, and more, our platform lets you map, translate, and manage your information while keeping the original data. You have total control over it all in a clean, easy-to-use structure.



Include your unstructured data too

Blogs, collaboration platforms, and chatbots are booming in this field, but most of their information is unstructured, making it hard to include in your analyses. Our platform pulls key information from unstructured text, then stores that text in full, so you always have access and the ability to use it.



Eliminate “extract/transform/load” from your vocabulary

All of your data is constantly collected, curated and made available in your data lake. You can create translations anywhere at any time on any analytics platform you use – including our own, of course. Expand your horizons!



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As People Analytics becomes more and more strategically important, effectively managing talent data does, too.

Talk to sales about how our Talent Data Platform sets you up for maximum impact.