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HR Tech Teams

Your technology teams deliver on dozens of projects each year, driving both innovation and compliance. Making systems and data sing together is one of the main goals at every step, and we’re here to support that. 

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Flexibly integrate everything

Instead of juggling a spiderweb of 1:1 integrations that make changing systems a real pain, enjoy a hub-and-spoke platform that connects anything to everything and removes interdependencies and approvals. We provide powerful, configurable connectors for key systems and your own personal API that connects to everything else.

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Integrate anything to anything 

There’s no longer any need for “approved” integrations between your HRIS, LMS or ATS workhorses and whatever hot new technology your users want. Now you choose which systems you want to integrate and how.

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Reduce license costs

Share and display what you need where you need it, regardless of licensing. Allowing all users to have access can reduce workplace conflict too.



Manage and measure

Do you know which systems in your stack work best and how well they work together? Our platform lets you see how easily your systems mingle. You can also measure and assess the full process, not just silos.

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Simplify projects

Changing systems and migrating data is easier when everything connects to a hub. Never lose a scrap of data and test and sandbox at will! And because our platform and API self-adapt, you’ll reduce maintenance, integration, and migration costs on every project.

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See everything everywhere

Our browser extension lets you see into any system wherever you are. Review CRM data from the ATS, learning data from the HRMS, public data anywhere. Users can skip swapping tabs or logins because the information they need is right there.



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The SwoopTalent Talent Data Platform simplifies almost everything for HR Tech Teams

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