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HR and Talent

HR and talent professionals design and oversee processes to align talent with enterprise goals, maximizing performance and engagement - and they do it with multiple software solutions that may not play well together. SwoopTalent’s Talent Data Platform enables seamless connections of systems and data, removing many obstacles for your teams.

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360° views through the full lifecycle

SwoopTalent gives you a single, seamless view of talent – every data point for the individual across the entire lifecycle (from before hire until after retire). A Talent Data Platform empowers the entire organization with every piece of talent data they need to succeed, getting the information you need wherever you happen to be working.

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Jobs and skills

Messy job titles and other data are challenges that hamper all kinds of processes. SwoopTalent normalizes data and enriches profiles with skills and other important information from every source you have. You’ll have the richest possible dataset automatically.



Internal mobility

Ready to match current employees with new opportunities? Our platform allows you to search and mine everything you have on your teams and connects your employees to your recruiting processes and opportunities. That gives you more flexibility in your internal mobility strategy.

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Workforce and Succession Planning

Better workforce data, normalized job titles, seniority data and easy comparisons to the external labor market and your applicant pool allow you to take your workforce and succession planning to the next level. Make the entire dataset available to any system or tool that you like to use.

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Comprehensive Analytics

Perform your analytics on everything you have from your workforce, curated into a highly useful dataset, which in turn seamlessly connects to all of your sources. From financials to benchmarks to labor market figures, your analyses can roam the entire data landscape.

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Benchmark and Compare

SwoopTalent connects your talent data to the outside world. Compare your talent to your competitors and benchmark key employee types with ease. SwoopTalent even normalizes the datasets so you can always compare apples to apples.



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Whether it be integration, automation, machine learning, or any other priority, SwoopTalent frees your team to do the strategic things.

Our platform brings enormous power and flexibility to all of your processes with surprising ease.