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CHRO, Talent and TA Leaders

Business depends on technology and data to thrive – and that includes the CHRO, who needs to innovate and engage while they also ensure strict compliance and strong controls.  Data is vital to all of that. The CHRO needs SwoopTalent to ensure they can achieve strategic goals without waste or non-compliance. 

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Use any technology to support your talent strategy.  Connect anything you want to use – AI, machine learning, engagement tools, remote work management – literally anything – to your existing technology stack.  It’s hard to change out your HRMS, LMS and ATS workhorses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use best of breed and innovative applications as well.  Our Talent Data Platform makes your entire technology stack adaptable and ready to innovate, no matter what it is. 



Be ready for AI and more

The near future brings HR to AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, business process automation, deep learning, personalization and more.  Everything you need to do to successfully compete over the next few years relies on systems, tools and data working seamlessly to enable advanced technology and delightful user experience.  SwoopTalent is the infrastructure that enables your technology to support your strategy for years. 

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Save money

Every year you do a huge range of HR Tech projects, and every single one of them has line items for integrations, migrations, backups and something do with data.  Your Talent Data Platform will save you time and money on every single one of those lines for every single one of those projects.  The use cases and projects will change every year – but the ROI will continue to add up no matter what they are. 

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Measure and analyze everything

Truly great talent analytics span the entire talent lifecycle and reach outside the enterprise to the market data.  Recruiting decisions are supported by competitive intel and promotion and turnover data.  Learning is recommend based on the market, career paths and business goals.  Turnover is shown in context.  But you can’t do that without a dataset that covers everything seamlessly.  Investing in getting the perfect dataset, automatically curated and managed, pays off in every analytics effort your organization attempts.



Compliance that doesn’t weigh you down

Complying to all the employment, hiring and privacy laws is a serious responsibility, but it does not have to crush your team.  A single source of talent data means you can setup and monitor rules from CCPA, HIPAA, OFCCP and GDPR to anonymization instead of data purging.  Your team won’t accidentally do something noncompliant just because they are signed into the wrong system and if you do ever get an audit, everything you need to back yourself up is right there at your fingertips. 



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There are a multitude of strategic reasons your organization needs SwoopTalent’s Talent Data Platform

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