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Your Company isn't Cookie Cutter, and Neither is Your Data

July 16, 2018

Cookie Cutter_neven-krcmarek-486633-unsplashIt is the things that you do differently that make you stand out - and most likely, when it comes to workforce,  those differences will be important.  So WHY would you want an "off the shelf" data model? Sure, ready-made models do a perfectly fine job on the common parts of certain datasets, but that does not mean that that model will perform a great job on your specific data set. Unlike hats, no models are one-size-fits-all, and no data sets are one-size-fits-all either.

If you had the option of reading two resumes, comparing two talented job candidates who had experiences that were similar, and who worked at respectable companies during their career histories, their relevant data would likely look similar. However, there is a good chance that there would be vast differences among various attributes such as additional skills, social output, leadership abilities, and other soft skills that are not necessarily right there on the resume.  So looking at only that ONE dataset (because it's the common one) limits your ability to analyze, even at that micro level.

In the same way, sticking to a one size fits all data model limits you terribly.  Your custom fields aren't there.  Your home grown systems aren't there.  Most likely unstructured data won't be there.  And that's just to name a few!

Another approach - and one that can accentuate the unique differences in your data, is to accept that your data has its own personality, and use a database that automatically adapts itself to your specific data, like ours does. In this way, you will be able to analyze and forecast nuances and trends from your data set that otherwise would remain hidden from your analytics - and of course from machine learning and artificial intelligence models. Without this data, you're likely missing out on the things that make your company "special".

We live in a world of vast diversity, and embracing slight differences in our data is just another way to gain an edge in a world whose knowledge is increasing by leaps and bounds everyday. Want to take a look at a data approach that adapts itself to your data AND to whatever analytics tool you use?  Book a demo today!

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