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Your AI Is Hungry For Data! Feed It!

March 25, 2019

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing at an exponential rate, and how well you can use these tools will make a difference to you winning or losing in the next decade. And one of the key things you'll need to use AI and ML well is really, really good data!

Use AI To Make Data Work For You

Feed your AI lots of quality data, and it flourishes. Data is an essential component in the growth and development of machine learning and AI because AI learns from data. So, the more data you have, the better AI can work for you. However, many HR and recruiting teams don't have a strategy when it comes to managing and cultivating their data, especially when it comes to talent acquisition. Data isn't just bothersome information to keep stored away in some dark corner, or worse yet, throw out. Data is an asset to your business, and you should be treating it that way!

Some of the problems that businesses face when it comes to talent acquisition data include:

  • Only migrating the data from active candidates. Add in all the data you can, not just the most recent. You have tons of fantastic data from the past that your AI can learn from, so use it! 
  • Letting valuable, important data be lost during migration – for example, when switching software vendors, some people fail to migrate all the data (including forms as well) without realizing the rich data they're losing. 
  • Migrating old data without first trying to refresh it. Some data is time sensitive, and using invalid data can really affect its overall quality.

The truth is, data is not something that belongs in your trash can. It's the way to make AI and machine learning function well. If you're worried about the state of your data and make your data work for you, contact us.

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