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What is Machine Learning and Why Should Talent Pros Care?

February 22, 2018

Machine learning has been in the tech headlines a lot lately, but to a beginner, the topic can be a little ambiguous. Machine learning will continue to integrate itself into our lives, and as it does, it will become an integral part of our workplace.

How can human resources professionals get ahead of the curve on this trend? Read on to learn more.

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence (AI), where the program is written so that it can learn on its own. These programs acquire lots of data, and learn from previous mistakes, so that they can continue to improve at the task they were programmed to do. Essentially, the machine learns how to do something without constantly needing input from a human counterpart. 

While machine learning is an interesting concept, how is it applicable to talent acquisition? Human resources departments can run into a lot of potential problems, like unorganized data and information being housed on different platforms that don't work together. This can lead to a serious waste of time Machine learning can offer better ways to manage talent data, like having it all centralized in one location. Plus, once the program knows exactly what the requirements for your talent are, it can help you make informed decisions based on hard data. With helpful algorithms, the program will be able to predict the outcomes of your hiring decisions, so you don't have to guess how things will turn out.

In addition to easing hiring decisions, these programs can also be taught to track employee turnover, employee engagement, and employee performance. Artificial intelligence is supposed to make our lives easier, not more confusing, so if you're interested in learning more about how machine learning can bring your human resources department into the 21st century, contact us.

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