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Using HR Data Integration to Improve People Operations

June 23, 2021

Data is an HR professional's biggest asset; we know this. But, the part that many people ignore is that HR data integration plays a significant role in making data an asset. When you're using data within people operations, it comes from disparate sources. Yet, you must combine all these datasets to get the best results. 

 Integrations (including HR systems integrations and HR data integration) are very beneficial in this case. They help to centralize your data. In turn, you can better the experience of candidates and recruiters. The practice of talent data integration can also help you gather deeper insights into your current employees. As a result, you'll have better control of the development, engagement, and retention of your workforce.  

 In this article, we'll explain how HR data integration can improve people operations.  

What Is People Operations?  

People operations otherwise referred to as people ops, is the responsibility of the human resources department in a business. It is the task of managing labor inside a business or organization. Specifically, people operations focus on the development of your employees. Additionally, it covers the engagement and retention of your workforce.  

 These are important factors for your organization to focus on. Higher and better quality engagement, for instance, can result in increased productivity. In turn, it can also result in heightened customer satisfaction. This is one example of how improved people operations can benefit your organization, however, there are many more.  

 It is evident, then, how important it is to ensure that you have a firm finger on the pulse of your people operations.  Don't fret just yet, though. D HR data integrations can help you to up your game significantly. Even better in this scenario is  SwoopTalent makes data integration and integrated HR systems simple and straightforward.  

Four Ways Data Integration Improves People Operations 

1. Increased Accuracy Of Data 

When you have data in unconnected locations, you're likely to have more inaccuracies. These inaccuracies result in poor decision-making concerning your workforce.  

 For example, consider that you're deciding which employee needs to receive a promotion. To make the decision, you look at your talent data, workforce data, and attendance data. Constructing a report from various systems could result in the use of out-of-date data. It could also result in human error. For instance, an individual may use the wrong data points. These inaccuracies could result in you promoting the wrong individual. 

 With HR systems integrations or HR data integration, you're unlikely to have these inaccuracies. Data integrations Integrated HR solutions ensure that you work from only one dataset, making it easier to analyze and use. 

2. Increased Productivity and Efficiency 

Another way that HR data integrations improve people operations is by freeing up time. When data integrations are in place, and HR professionals can integrate HR data, the team spends less time on busy-work. This is because they no longer have to wait for information. They also don't have to go back and forth to find updated datasets before creating reports.  

 All these time-wasters are mitigated due to data continuity throughout your organization. The continuity, of course, is a result of integrated HR systems integration. Now HR professionals have more time to focus on strategy within people operations.

data intergration leads to increased productivity

Image by fauxels on Pexels 

3. Quicker Decision-Making

When you have integrated data, your decisions in people operations can happen quicker. You'll also pick up problems faster. HR practitioners will have the ability to report on key metrics instantly.  

HR data integrations allow for a holistic view, with comprehensive reporting. As a result, any decisions you make will be informed by data rather than guesswork, which can lead to inaccuracies. 

4. Improved Recruitment Process

Recruitment and hiring form part of the responsibilities that your people ops team has to fulfill. Integrated HR solutions and HR software integration make these types of tasks much easier for the team by streamlining the experience for both candidates and recruiters. These tasks are made easier with integrated HR solutions 

 Your candidates will no longer need to enter their data several times. With data integration integrated HR software, you can allow for a single sign-in procedure. All the information they enter can be relocated to the target location behind the scenes. The single-sign-in also allows for a seamless experience, which results in happy candidates.  

 You’ll also have happier recruiters, as their lives will be more straightforward too. Integrations give recruiters all the information they need in one place. This easy access allows them to be efficient and effective in their tasks, like strategizing, for instance.  

 Finally, talent data integration allows your recruitment team to analyze data better. With access to more robust analytics and easier comparisons, you'll be able to identify the best candidate in no time. 

Integrating Your Data  

For many, HR data integrations can be worrisome. Some may even think it's not possible, especially when it comes to legacy software in your HR tech stack. That doesn't have to be the case, though. Of course, integrations do come with some challenges but don't let these stop you. The benefits your people operations team can leverage from integrations are worth it!  

What Are Some Challenges?  

  • Most assume that they need to have high levels of in-house expertise to put integrations in place. This is only a problem if you choose the wrong vendor or software. With SwoopTalent, you get a lot of help.  
  • Another obstacle can be the software itself. Many vendors give you a standard product, which means you won't be able to maximize the potential of integrations. Of course, this is not the case with SwoopTalent. 

Integrate With The Help Of SwoopTalent  

At SwoopTalent, we offer you a highly flexible integration solution. Our HR integration manager allows you to ensure that all your systems are working as one.  

 You don't even need to do much to reap the benefits. All you have to do is connect your systems using our intuitive and intelligent platform. Once that is done, we'll connect them to a central hub that allows it all to work together. What makes this solution even more powerful, is that you can always make adjustments to any part of this, whenever you please.  

integrations allow everything to fit together like a puzzle

 Image by 422737 on Pixabay  

Final Thoughts  

Your people operations team has a lot to gain from the integration of your HR data. With integrations, they'll be able to make better decisions faster. The candidate experience will also be more enjoyable. As a result, the reputation of your brand will grow stronger.  

 To start improving your people operations with HR data integrations, contact SwoopTalent today!  

Main Image by 422737 on Pixabay  

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