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The Secret to Building Your Recruitment Marketing Tech Stack

June 1, 2017

As a recruitment marketer, all that matters to you is being able to effectively use the systems at your fingertips to attract top candidates and help fill jobs faster.

The biggest challenge you’ll face in effective recruitment marketing is the challenge of integrating these systems, so that data decay can be prevented and so that you can maintain up-to-date data on your candidates.

In some cases, integrating all of the systems you use may be impossible, or else your HR systems team may not prioritize an integration because of the time requirements for building it. When it is possible, however, it is always in your best interest and the best interest of your recruiting to connect the systems you rely on.

Before we get into the “secret” to integrating all of your recruitment marketing systems, we’re going to talk about some of the cool things you can do once they’re all connected.

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Connecting your recruitment systems (example): Workday, Avature, Phenom, Beamery.

If you’re moving to a system like Workday and are leveraging popular recruitment marketing systems like Phenom and Beamery, then it pays to have everything integrated. If these systems are not all integrated, or you’re migrating from a legacy ATS like Kenexa, then you’re in for some trouble.

For starters, when your team is using several different systems, they will also have several different historical records and you won’t know which is the most up-to-date. The other problem with a lack of integration is inconsistent and stale data, which is useless to recruitment marketers.

You could be using Phenom to market to the most recent data, but your data in Beamery or Workday may be outdated, driving conversions down. As you and your team continue marketing, you create more inconsistencies in your records, driving conversions further down. As long as your systems aren’t communicating, these inconsistencies will continue to pile up and amplify across each tool you use. For example, if Beamery isn’t integrated with Workday, you may be marketing to candidates that have already been hired at your firm!

That’s what can go wrong. On the other hand, a perfectly integrated HR ecosystem can allow you to do some pretty powerful things.

For example, having an integrated recruiting marketing system will allow you to leverage historical candidate data from Workday records when they appear on your Phenom career site, and use that data to create a personalized experience. Next, from that custom experience, you can use visits to to the careers page to send automated emails using Beamery’s talent nurturing capabilities, based on the interests of each candidate.

From this point, as the candidates engage with the various aspects of your brands, all of that data automatically updates across all systems, ensuring you have accurate data for the recruiting process that can be used to appeal to the interests of top candidates.

Another example: a promising candidate attends an online recruiting event you hosted through Phenom. With unintegrated systems, that data would live in a silo or would have to be manually added into your other systems such as Workday or Beamery. Having all systems integrated, alternatively, would give you and the rest of your recruiting team real-time data on candidate engagement during events that you could use to increase penetration of your messaging.

Essentially, having a fully integrated recruitment marketing system allows you to make more effective decisions, create powerful workflow automation, and increase quality-of-hire.

SwoopTalent : the secret sauce?

As great as the benefits of complete integration are, integrating HR systems can vary in complexity: from super easy to literally impossible. In the case of migrating from legacy systems like Kenexa, you’ll actually lose a ton of historical data that would be useful in creating more personalized marketing campaigns.

The secret for integrating systems without losing valuable data is SwoopTalent. It’s your HR systems and operations team’s swiss army knife. SwoopTalent allows you to plug-and-play with different systems and integrate them at the flip of a switch. This connectivity allows your recruitment marketing team the flexibility to pick and choose different systems, integrate them, and even ditch and switch them if they don’t meet your needs or you find something better. Even better, your historical data is all stored and updated in real-time.

If your implementation and HR systems teams don’t know about it yet, make sure they know about SwoopTalent. To see the benefits that SwoopTalent offers to recruitment marketers, schedule a demo here.

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