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The HR Tech Stack in a Lockdown - is yours in the right shape?

Stacy Chapman
April 28, 2020

After what feels like ninety seven weeks of lockdown, it's probably cruel to talk about being in shape right now, but right now your systems need to be in better shape than ever.  With business under pressure from this pandemic, HR Tech teams are needing to adapt REALLY fast.  The need to change and adapt isn't new, just right now it's faster.  So, how can we rapidly check that we're in great shape?

For a lot of HR Tech teams, the need to adapt to the demands of Covid-19 is urgent, and plenty of CHRO's are adapting organizational workforce systems to meet whole new needs.  That might include adding remote work technology, delaying (or even cancelling) projects that are more relevant in boom times, or ramping up the focus on automation and AI.  Or not - there's no one answer in such a fluid environment.

But HR Tech teams make changes all the time, and the more agile they are, the more readily they can do so.  Nobody is completely agile, of course.  But we've all changed out systems and systems strategies before, and there has been a strong focus on increasing the perceived value of HR Tech for quite a while.

One approach is to re-ask the questions you asked when you considered implementing the system in the first place.  For anything that is relatively new, or focuses on a market driven approach, that can be enough.  But usually a more holistic view is needed - and that means embracing the complexity of the modern HR Tech stack.

I do it by thinking of the tech stack as an organism - a living thing, with a whole lot of interrelated organs and stuff flowing about.  Just like those encyclopedia pages we looked at as kids: 


Once you think of it that way, knowing how to look at it gets simpler (or at least more fun).  Think about the “blood” flowing around your circulatory system between the vital organs.  Is it flowing?  To the right places?  Getting the right results?  What about the health of each organ? 

Right now your outbound marketing might be getting more "blood" than it needs, you might be missing some key body parts on engagement or remote work, and you might need a pacemaker to amp up the heart...or...what?  Is the organism of your HR Tech stack in tip top health?  

Better question:  do you have the connectedness, data access and visualization capability to answer that easily?  You should.

Brideoffrankenstein-1OK, I confess we really need to think more about Frankenstein's Monster than a human body (since we put it together and we can take bits out and replace them!), but the interconnections and the flow of data and processes around different parts is still true.  Note, she 100% has my lockdown hairdo.

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

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