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Talent Data Is The Mirror To Identify Blind Spots

December 23, 2019

You've no doubt seen the warnings on the back of semi-trucks driving down the highway: "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you." We all have blind spots, and talent data can help identify these blind spots in your company before you get run off the road. According to Deloitte Insights, "84 percent of respondents [to a Global Human Trends survey] viewed people analytics as important or very important." Clearly, analyzing talent should be at the top of any business leader's priority list, and if that's not obvious, there's no chance you're catching all of the blind spots in your company.

The Blind Spots

Inc.com says that, according to research, the top 10 leadership and company blind spots are:

  1. Going it alone (being afraid to ask for help)
  2. Being insensitive of your behavior on others (being unaware of how you show up)
  3. Having an "I know" attitude (valuing being right above everything else)
  4. Avoiding difficult conversations (conflict avoidance)
  5. Blaming others or circumstances (playing the victim; refusing responsibility)
  6. Treating commitments casually (not honoring the other person's time, energy, resources)
  7. Conspiring against others (driven by a personal agenda)
  8. Withholding emotional commitment (emotional blackmail)
  9. Not taking a stand (lack of commitment to a position)
  10. Tolerating "good enough" (low standards for performance)

We've bolded the ones that turn up most commonly in talent analytics.  Here's how that works:

Going it Alone - when you do your analytics in a vaccuum, either because you can't publish wide enough, or worse when you have to work on data silos because you can't connect systems together

Having an "I Know" Attitude - this can also be thought of as urban legends - where people trust their gut instead of using analytics.  Normally that's because not enough data is available to even test the hypothesis

Blaming Others - I can't do it because the data isn't good enough is a big example of this

Tolerating "Good Enough" - where you only analyze the smallest datasets because they are all you can get.


A talent data lake can solve ALL of these problems.  Once you have all the possible data in an easily usable place, you inherently start identifying and eliminating blind spots. Contact us at 1-888-SWOOP-01 or request a demo online to see how a data lake will allow you to start clearing out blind spots in your company. We all have blind spots whether we like it or not, and talent data is the mirror to keep you from a major crash.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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