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SwoopTalent Shines in HRExaminer Industry Report

March 12, 2018

HR Examiner ReportA newly released report from HRExaminer titled The Emergence of Intelligent Software, subtitled The 2018 Index of Predictive Tools in HRTech describes the search by HR industry specialists for real Artificial Intelligence or A.I. in the HR marketplace. The report highlights the use of intelligent tools that deliver new benefits to HR Technology users, often with less effort from the user.

After discussing A.I. with field leaders from institutions like Berkeley, M.I.T., Stanford, and Toronto University, the HRExaminer report explains that A.I. is defined in academic and scientific circles as a conversational consciousness able to understand and carry on a conversation, innovate on the topic, and interpret/respond to nuance and inference and that the technology is just not there yet.

Resigned to the fact that real A.I. is still a dream, though likely one that will come true sooner rather than later, the researchers went on to explore some of the companies whose innovations are making exciting progress toward the future. The HRExaminer piece begins with a series of two tables by way of an overview. The first lists companies by name, focus and the specialty they bring to the table. The most exciting of these is SwoopTalent.com. (That's us.)

In SwoopTalent's listing in the first table, the paper highlights Swoop's focus on recruiting, ability to source information, and proclaims our extraordinary expertise in data mapping and integration intelligence. Table two restates or focuses on recruiting.

As a whole, the focus of the report is to illuminate some of the claims and rumors regarding A.I. in HRTech. It offers some insight into the changes resulting from the changes in technology of yesteryear to the tools and approaches of today and how these new innovations eclipse and even transcend the old ways.

Next, the researchers get a little bit technical in describing as briefly as they can how this stuff works. They explain that algorithms, or models, of increasing internally and independently expanding complexity form the framework that allows these devices to interpret big data, chatbots, other machine learning technologies and a variety of external inputs to develop predictions over time that human users can then apply to benefit a future task or approaching decision. 

To put the AI tech in perspective the report refers to retail and social media giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook describing how it allows Amazon to know what you might want to buy next or how Google can predict what you are most likely to type next. This same machine learning is deployed by Facebook to present friend recommendations, advertisements, and even offer posts that it believes might jive with your political leanings.

Intelligent technology is applicable to an array of problems in the HR marketplace and because of this, growth in the sector is as inevitable as it is accelerating. The report has an interesting list of some of the firms and their brands leading the way. Among them are Crowded, EngageTalent, Joberate, Scout, and last (because their list is alphabetical) but never ever least, is us here at SwoopTalent.

As exciting as all these technologies and speed of the accompanying advances are, experts are careful to voice some real concerns, not only about cost and accessibility but worries of a moral and ethical nature as well. In the wrong hands, or with access to an excess of any single person's data these tools could be deployed in an unacceptably manipulative or even criminal manner.

Overall though, the applications are not only powerful, they are altruistic and socially beneficial. Visit SwoopTalent to learn more.

In closing, we would like to point out that this summary of HRExaminer's report is possible because trends in report pricing are democratizing our access to and consumption of high-quality research. This trend is headed in the right direction and, we feel, worthy of all of our support.

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