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The Founder of SwoopTalent Stacy Chapman Talks Data With Kim Heger & Jason Averbook

September 4, 2018

SwoopTalent founder Stacy Chapman was recently featured on the Dialog podcast with Jason Averbook and Kim Heger of Leapgen, and data was the topic of the hour (Jason wrote the book Digital Workforce Experience, which you should definitely buy!)

Besides reminiscing with Jason about mutual time shared at PeopleSoft or talking about show ponies and old nags, Stacy had a lot to say about data.  Today, we're going to give you the beef of the talk, the good stuff.

Here are the important things discussed in that Dialog podcast.

#1) Migrate to Use Data and You May Migrate to Lose Data

Stacy talked a little about her thoughts on organizations upgrading their HR software in order to better organize data (this is where the show ponies and old nags come in).

Mainly, she wanted to point out some of the disparities between companies trying to better use and record data by transferring to other HR systems, but completely losing their existing data when they migrate - hurting their ability to get a big picture view.

Whether it's PeopleSoft, Oracle, or Workday, your data is at least as valuable as the system you're using. Don't mindlessly upgrade systems because you aren't doing a good job at keeping track of data - change your data philosophy.

"If you change the way you think about data, and have your systems connected together, you don't need to constantly upgrade to the latest suite.... If that old system is working for you, I think upgrading is probably not a great choice." - Stacy Chapman

#2) SwoopTalent is Great at Targeting Specific Issues

When asked what overall solution SwoopTalent offers to companies, Stacy had a lot to say on SwoopTalent's ability to target specific issues.

Here at SwoopTalent, we honestly believe that your company, your data, and your problems are, well, yours. We don't try to offer some overarching perfect solution that fits snugly into every company's lap, we offer the ability to solve your issues.

Whether that be refreshing a company's recruiting data, generating better workforce data, or analytic issues; whatever the case may be, we really want to hone into the specific issues that each company has and tackle them from an individual angle.

For us, the actual data source isn't important. It's what you need. We are here to find a way to connect all of your company's data together and help you on your overall data journey. We have a self-adapting API, so whatever your source of data is or your overall data structure is means a lot less to us than what your problem is. We're problem solvers at heart; we just happen to love working with data.

"There are a huge range of what we think of as presenting symptoms that people come with. We work with them to help them understand what the bigger priorities are and what is the kind of roadmap that they can use... We are agnostic to the source or structure of the data" - Stacy Chapman

#3) #StopJudgingData

When it came to the topic of good vs. bad data, Stacy Chapman had some insight into SwoopTalents overall data philosophy (bad data is just poorly managed data.)

Essentially, bad data is really just poor data curation. It's all about organizing data, data canonicalization, and caring for your data.

Machine learning has made data more valuable than ever, and we can start to really dig into the value of data now that things aren't just hierarchical. We can actually get spacial with our data and really work importance into every piece of data. 

Bad data is usually stale data or data that hasn't been cleaned up properly - that's what we're here for. Think of us as a complex data janitor.

"I think of it as being data husbandry... the care and curation and growing of data is a big part of our overall picture. There are some fundamental things that you can "clean up" there's canonicalization... and there's refreshing it from available public data." - Stacy Chapman

Does your organization have a specific issue that that needs to be solved? Is your HR data stale? Do you need better recruiting data? Are you having data issues? Take our talent data assessment. It's completely free, easy-to-do, and you'll be talking to one of our data experts (maybe even Stacy herself.)

Remember, there is no such thing as bad data, just data that hasn't been cared for properly. We're zipping up our janitor coats and grabbing our mop buckets; we're ready.

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