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Six Recruiting Data Mistakes you might be making right now

February 7, 2018

Data are consistently becoming a core focus in the recruiting field (some of our other posts on this topic can be found here and here). But even for recruiting professionals well-versed in integrating data into their strategies, there are still some common mistakes that continue to pop up.

Without managing these issues, recruiting data loses value and can become a hindrance in the process, rather than a key component of an overall strategy. Here are some common mistakes most organizations are making:

1) Disconnected data silos

Data by themselves are important but so is having a strategy in place on how to connect different systems in order to capture as much as possible. If data are not automatically connecting to all your different systems, this might lead to weaker data overall - which might make you a bit mad in the long run. To avoid that, evaluate your current systems and identify where the weak points are in the collection that can be improved.

2) Using stale data

Recruitment marketing in the digital age is all about your data, with some qualifications. If your data are constantly stale, old, or just lacks quality, that can seriously dampen the impact of your marketing efforts. Make it a point to establish a consistent frequency by which that data are refreshed automatically to maximize your marketing efforts.

3) Losing data when changing vendors

You might be tempted to put that data in a new ATS, but think of how much time that will take! Instead, look into establishing data lakes that will help keep this information safe, accessible, and free of manual work when switching vendors.

4) Manually undertaking ETL's

Many organizations tend to underuse the features available to them - this is a key example of this. There is no longer a need for unique identifiers anymore, so avoid doing this! Use that time to think about what are the best ways to keep your data from going stale instead.

5) Neglecting the 360° view

Another key aspect of good data usage is getting all of the perspectives that your data have to offer, both internal and external. Work towards building functionality that will allow for all your data to be viewed in one place rather than piecemealing together different data points. This allows for better efficiency overall while providing a full view of current data to create impactful marketing campaigns.

6) Putting off GDPR preparation.

Simply put: if you operate or recruit in Europe, get started on this. This policy is going to have massive impacts on current data collection and future practices, so it is better to get an early start. Most organizations will be designating time towards creating a strategy that ensures that you are able to get the data you need, while still upholding compliance with the original policy.

These are just some of the data problems we have experience working with, and we are more than happy to work with you to find a data solution that works for your unique business needs - so contact us today.


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