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Save the Data! If Migrating Your ATS, You DON'T Need to Lose All Your Candidate History

February 3, 2018

lifebelt-1463428_1920How many applicant tracking systems (ATS) have you gone through since being in business? If you've only used one in perhaps the last five years, you're probably due for changing to a new one. The problem is you have five (or, hopefully, more!) years' worth of historical data that you're likely still using.

This can lead to some nightmare scenarios you don't want to deal with when you have other issues to solve.

One of those nightmares is the potential of losing data when migrating data. Have you thought about what kind of data you might lose when you inevitably switch to a new ATS?

Fortunately, a solution exists to keep this from happening.

The Misery of Cutting Off Years of Useful Data

We've heard a story about a recent corporate recruiting department that had a deep relationship with their talent market. No doubt your own corporate recruiting function still works with many high-caliber candidates you've had in the system since you began. Some of those candidates may have unique talents that keeps them in high demand.

In the story above, the migration to a new ATS could only preserve two years' worth of candidate data history. This meant they lost perhaps several years' worth of data they couldn't possibly replace.

Obviously, this was bad for business, and for many of their candidates still active in the database. While it's possible to start new accounts, some clients are perhaps idle, leading to them being lost forever unless contacting the company.

A scenario like this isn't the only one where the data you worked hard to compile ends up in a digital trash heap.

Cutting Out Inactive Candidates

Another problem with data migration is that when you transfer to a new ATS, it often only saves your most active candidates. Inactive high-caliber candidates aren't easy to replace.

Many of your inactive candidates are perhaps where the best talent is. This is information you need to preserve to stay in business. Better yet, you need to refresh it and keep it going for the life of your business.

The answer is to do something different than bothering with the complications of ATS transfers.

Forget About All Those Data Transfers

It's possible to take all the data you have and transfer it to another source. Those data migrations are just too complicated to take any further risk on your data going missing and becoming impossible to retrieve.

Your solution comes in transferring to a data lake. Those of you new to data lakes can define them as a data store and processing data system. These store all kinds of data forever while enjoying the added benefit of adding more data technologies to enhance the information.

Here at SwoopTalent, we can provide data lakes for you so you can take your corporate recruiting data and migrate it to a safe place (your data lake) and intelligently update your new ATS system from there. When you do, nothing goes missing during the transition.

Much like the cloud, you can easily access this data from our data lake at any time.

Applying Analytics and AI

Our specialty is in providing more data-driven technologies to the data you already have. Once we migrate your data to a data lake, you can apply analytics to all of it to better track what's occurring with your executive clients.

Adding AI capabilities enhances things even further on a sophisticated level. AI applies machine learning where you'll gain valuable real-time insights into the corporate data you've acquired for years.

Contact us at SwoopTalent to learn more about data lake technology and how it can improve your corporate talent and recruiting system into the coming decade.

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