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Migrating to Workday from Kenexa

June 1, 2017

If you’re currently being tasked with migrating from Kenexa to Workday (or any system for that matter), there’s something you should know: not all of your data is going to make it through alive.

Along with the common issues you’ll encounter when migrating data across any systems, you’ll also experience challenges unique to Kenexa, the biggest being extensive loss of datasets customized within Kenexa using Workbench.

Data Loss -> A Necessary Evil… or is it?

When migrating HR data from Kenexa to Workday, one of the biggest challenges you’ll find are maintaining the integrity of BrassRing forms. BrassRing forms are highly customized candidate data sets that are basically a web of fields connected to data within Kenexa, and these forms are extremely difficult to migrate.

In fact, most systems like Workday ATS or Taleo will not even attempt to migrate the BrassRing form data because of its complexity and their liability for this data, opting instead to provide a read-only copy of Brassring forms, which are useless for users. This means that companies relying heavily on BrassRing forms lose a dataset that they may even be legally required to have accessible by their recruiting team.

In order to ensure a rapid migration from Kenexa to Workday, users are forced to make strategic decisions on which data is moved and which is lost, resulting in poor outcomes for historical data dependent initiatives like AI or ML implementation.

How Data Loss Impacts You and Your Organization

Data loss has a hugely negative impact on an organization, but data that touches all business units, like HR data, have the farthest reaching effects. While data loss is a common challenge you’ll find regardless of systems you migrate from, this loss is amplified when moving from Kenexa to Workday without measures in place to ensure data integrity.

The cost involved with losing an organization’s historical HR data contained within BrassRing are reflected in the cost to rectify this data and the financial and reputational risks they incur through this loss. The company may even lose data that they are legally required to maintain as accessible from BrassRing form loss, resulting in fines or even larger penalties.

To make matters worse, losing an organization’s historical data will also limit their ability to leverage any AI or machine learning initiatives to full effect. The opportunity cost of these lost efficiencies that would have been gained from AI or ML can be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions for large companies with a wealth of historical data.

Ultimately, any loss of data will be reflected on the team responsible for moving existing Kenexa instance to Workday, and any team that wanting to successfully migrate from Kenexa to Workday should take steps to ensure the security of this data.

Solution : SwoopTalent

You could spend millions with 3rd party integrators/specialists to help minimize the loss of data, but it still won’t ensure that your data will migrate successfully from Kenexa. The only guaranteed way to mitigate data loss in a Kenexa to Workday migration will also be the most cost-effective and efficient option -- SwoopTalent. Here’s how it works.

The majority of your talent data lives in your existing Kenexa system, with the remainder spread across structured and unstructured systems and datasets like your LMS, spreadsheets, performance management tools and assessment platforms. What SwoopTalent does is create a data lake from all of that data, and connects every single system in your HR ecosystem. This connectivity allows integration to happen at the flip of a switch with no data loss, and ensures that ALL of your data to be accessed at any time.

Preserved in a usable format, this data can then be leveraged by your HR and Talent analytics teams, by data science teams for AI initiatives, and by your recruiting team to make data driven talent decisions.

With SwoopTalent, you’ll be able to successfully migrate from Kenexa without losing BrassRing form data. Your team will love you for migrating with zero data loss, and for giving the recruiting team flexibility to easily add hot new systems and build their dream stack.

Final Thoughts: Migrating from Kenexa

You may be tasked with the impossible, but you’re a rock star. With SwoopTalent by your side, you can reduce data loss during your migration to Workday all the way to zero, while giving the recruiting team a chance to add any systems or tools they want to their recruiting ecosystem. To see Swoop in action, just schedule a demo here.

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