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Machine Learning for Recruiting and Talent Practitioners

March 1, 2020

Machine learning has sprung to the forefront of numerous industries in recent years. While it's easy to understand how AI can be applied to manufacturing (automation) or marketing (collecting analytical data), some recruiting experts have yet to realize the benefits of AI within the recruiting and talent spheres.

Below, we've outlined just a handful of ways that machine learning can help recruiting and talent practitioners improve their functionality. Whether it's helping you find the most qualified candidate to fill a position or guiding you through employee reviews, AI has the potential to change the way that talent experts do business.

The Benefits of Machine Learning for Recruiting and Talent Practitioners

Personalized Employee Experience

We all learn and work best when our education and employment opportunities are tailored around us. Each employee has their own unique set of skills, experiences, and strengths. Machine learning allows recruiters and talent practitioners to leverage these with ease. Conversational AI can be utilized to field new employee questions and concerns and connect them with coworkers who can help.

Simplified Backend Tasks

Any experienced talent professional knows that much of the job takes place behind the scenes. Machine learning allows recruiters and other industry experts to perform menial tasks with ease. Low-value and repetitive tasks can easily be passed off to an AI program in order to automate them. This frees up trained, talented recruiting staff for more pressing matters.

Candidate Sourcing and Interviews

One of the most difficult aspects of recruiting is pinpointing ideal candidates. With AI, candidate sourcing and interviewing become easy. Machine learning can help analyze candidate profiles and identify traits and attributes that may not appear on their resume. It can also help streamline video and audio interviews.

SwoopTalent Can Help

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