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Compliance Issues When Migrating from Kenexa to Workday

June 7, 2017

If your team is currently migrating from Kenexa, then chances are you’re already concerned about the data loss that will occur during this transition. .

Migration from Kenexa can be painful. Along with the common issues and challenges you’ll find when migrating data across systems, you’ll also experience challenges unique to Kenexa, the biggest being data loss of complex, customized employee and candidate datasets within your HR system.

Data Loss -> A Necessary Evil… or is it?

Data loss a common challenge you’ll find regardless of systems you migrate from, but this loss is amplified when moving from Kenexa.

When migrating from Kenexa, one of the biggest challenges you’ll go through are getting your BrassRing forms out in one piece. BrassRing forms are a unique source of data within Kenexa that are connected to data throughout your HR system and are sometimes impossible to migrate.

In fact, most systems like Workday ATS or Taleo will not even attempt to migrate the BrassRing form data because of its complexity and their liability for your data. This means that you’ll lose a massive amount of HR data that you may even be legally required to maintain as accessible for your recruiting team.

In order to ensure a rapid migration, your migration team will be forced to make strategic decisions on which vital HR data is moved and which is lost. For organizations relying heavily on BrassRing forms, this process is like choosing which leg they would rather lose.

The cost of losing volumes of historical HR data are reflected in the cost rectifying (fixing) this data and the financial and reputational risks of an organization taking a massive hit to the quality of their data. Additionally, your recruiting team can easily lose data that they are legally required have accessible from your BrassRing forms, resulting in financial or even more severe penalties.

Putting the cherry on top, if your team was the primary user of this key HR data, then chances are your team will also be responsible for dealing with a majority of the headache.

Solution : SwoopTalent

The only guaranteed way to minimize the data loss from a Kenexa migration will also be the most cost-effective and efficient option -- SwoopTalent. Here’s how it works.

The majority of your talent data is stored in your existing Kenexa system, but is also spread across several others such as your LMS, spreadsheets, performance management, and even assessment platforms. What SwoopTalent does is creates a data lake from all of that raw information, and connects every single system in your HR ecosystem. This connection allows integration to happen at the flip of a switch with no data loss, and enables ALL of your data to be accessed at any time.

This data can then me be leveraged by your HR and Talent analytics teams, by data science teams for AI initiatives, and by your recruiting team to make data-driven hiring decisions.

With SwoopTalent, you’ll be able to successfully migrate from Kenexa without losing the BrassRing form data you rely on every day. Your team will love you for migrating with zero data loss, and for giving the recruiting team the flexibility to easily add new systems and build their dream stack.

Final Thoughts: Migrating from Kenexa

You may be tasked with the impossible, but you’re a rock star. With SwoopTalent by your side, you can reduce data loss during your migration to Workday down to zero, while giving your recruiting team a chance to add any systems they want to the recruiting ecosystem. To see how SwoopTalent makes the perfect partner for your Kenexa to Workday migration, you can schedule a demo here.

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