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HR Analytics Courses You Need to Take This Year

February 8, 2019

Whether you are an experienced HRIS system user or still have basic questions like “what is hr analytics?” taking HR analytics courses and training programs for HR professionals can be a big boost your career and competency levels.

Stay up-to-date and on your game with any of these top-rated online HR Analytics courses that you should look into taking this year.  

HR Analyst Course - HR Analytics Academy

First in the lineup of HR analytics training programs from HR Analytics Academy, is the most basic and hands-on course offered for HR data analytics training. This is one of the best HR courses for beginners and takes 18 hours to complete for an HR analytics certification.

This makes the analyst courses online experience ideal those who have little or no experience in HR data analytics, but want to take the first step in understanding how people-related data strategies and policies impact their organization’s bottom line.

Presented on the AIHR website is a comprehensive syllabus, including a detailed list of expected learning outcomes. Through this class, which is top rated among Coursera HR courses, the aspiring HR data analyst will:

  • Use Excel and Power BI to combine, clean, and analyze HR data.
  • Gain hands-on experience processing and analyzing data.
Learn to calculate the ROI of HR activities.


HR Analytics Leader - HR Analytics Academy

This course is the big brother of the Data Analyst course from AIHR. Newbies beware: you don’t need to have a technical or statistical background to enroll in these analytics classes, but students should have a basic understanding of HR analytics. These HR professional courses are all about implementing and strategizing people analytics to boost performance and efficiency in your department, and the business as a whole.

With a rating of 5-stars on the AIHR website, this comprehensive course will give you the skills you need to be an effective leader in HR at your company and get your HR certification online.

After completing these 7 analytics courses online, you will:

  • Develop essential skills to lead an organization to people analytics success.
  • Acquire the relevant knowledge needed to communicate with stakeholders across varying specialties.
  • Know how to extract HR data, common data formats, tools, and how to work with data.
Learn the basics of HR data and how HR adds value through analytics.


People Analytics - University of Pennsylvania

Taught by three top University of Pennsylvania professors, this HR metrics and workforce analytics training course introduces students to HR analytics and gives a broad overview of their applications and areas of relevance.

This Wharton distance learning class emphasizes the benefits of data-driven management, recruiting, and employee evaluation. Through real-world examples of applied people analytics, the course is designed to demonstrate how organizations flourish when their employees flourish, and then give you the tools to make your business another people analytics success story.

The predictive analytics training online course is broken up into four modules: performance evaluation, staffing, collaboration, and talent management. Despite how many modules are in the data course, the program effectively teaches techniques for implementing data-driven processes to improve each specific area.

After completing this Wharton people analytics course you will learn:

  • How to use HR data to make key decisions regarding employees and work environments.
  • How to become a more discerning user of data and how to differentiate credible data from unreliable data.
  • The ways that best-in-class companies are leveraging people analytics.
  • How to most effectively interpret HR data and present the results of your analysis to employees, managers and executives.
  • The best ways to present yourself as a change agent and a strategic partner in your company’s talent management.

The Analytics Edge - MIT

Modeled off of statistics and analytics courses offered to registered MIT students, this MIT data analytics online course dives deep into the nitty-gritty of data analytics and examines how analytics have been applied to greatly improve a business or industry using real-world examples.

Using R and LibreOffice, students in this MIT data mining course top rated on coursera algorithms will experience: MIT subject evaluations, build models and work with raw data in this R online course, learn analytics methods such as linear regression, logistic regression, trees, text analytics, clustering, visualization, and optimization.

Short of getting an HRIS certification, this course will be one of the most useful additions to your HR analytics toolkit and is the best R online course.

At the end of the best online statistics course offered by MIT for HR, you will:

  • Have an applied understanding of many different analytics methods, including linear regression, logistic regression, CART, clustering, and data visualization.
  • Have an applied understanding of mathematical optimization and how to solve optimization models in spreadsheet software.
  • Know how to implement all of these methods in R and get your certification online.

Introduction to People Analytics - MIPT

These short but thorough analytics classes taught by professors at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is made to give the student an understanding of the basics of people analytics.

These short courses for hr professionals are broken up into seven sections, including performance management, culture, motivation and engagement, compensation, recruitment, and workforce planning. Designed for aspiring HR professionals, the class kicks off with a brief history of the popularization of people analytics, and provides practical and task-based exercises in every lesson.

By taking these human resources courses online  you will learn:

  • How to manage performance and culture: measuring individual/team performance, setting KPIs, accounting for bias, managing culture initiatives, the link between culture and performance and the “enemies” of performance-enhancing organizational culture.
  • The structure of various compensation models and compensation benchmarking.
  • Engagement, performance and development: monetary vs. non-monetary engagement drivers, development program planning and determining development ROI metrics.
  • Workforce planning and recruitment: using recruitment analytics, assessing candidates, optimizing recruitment channels.

HR Analytics for Business Decisions - Cornell University

Offered by Cornell University, this eCornell human resources course teaches you how to effectively plan and interpret your people metrics, making the most of your data to improve decisions about talent and the organization as a whole.

This HR metrics and workforce analytics training class prepares you to take a strategic view of your company’s metrics, equips you to find and collect high-quality data, and how to avoid commonly made mistakes while interpreting data or witnessing reports.

The HR classes online experience is ideal for experienced HR professionals and leaders participating as strategic partners in their organizations, and is highly ranked for Coursera data analytics .

Through completing these HR courses online, you will have learned:

  • How to use your organization’s metrics to make better business decisions.
  • The limitations of metrics for measuring and effecting change in HR functions.
  • How to use the balanced scorecard to measure financial, customer, process, and people outcomes.
  • The best ways to categorize and evaluate metics and how to avoid misuse of data.

Human Resources Management: HR for People Managers Specialization - University of Minnesota

To get the most out of HR analytics training courses and apply your statistical knowledge to an organization, you need to have a strong foundation in people management. This super-comprehensive series of courses gives you HR practical training online and is recommended for those inexperienced in human resources management.

The five HR courses online include: Preparing to Manage Human Resources; Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees; Managing Employee Performance; Managing Employee Compensation; and Human Resources Management Capstone.

This is one of the best hr programs and lesson one begins with the very basics of HRM, giving you a foundation of skills critical for navigating an HRM relationship with employees. The series culminates with the Capstone course 5, where you will learn to apply principles of HR to the challenges of a real-world workplace.

Through completing this course you will:

  •  Learn alternate approaches to human resource management and various strategies for motivating employees.
  • The most effective methods for making hires, incentivizing employees, and managing employee performance levels to reach company goals.
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes in human resources management.

By taking the best HR courses, you can level up your HR analytics skills and the value you provide to your organization.

To see more helpful resources for HR analytics, check out the SwoopTalent blog.

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