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How Data Silos Harm OFCCP and GDPR Compliance

November 30, 2018

Few organizations choose to store their data in silos. This is a natural occurrence during the life cycle of data. An innovation occurs and is captured by the business. The business leverages that data to continue to grow. Instead of thinking about the data from a bird's eye perspective, the individual accomplishment is focused on. That is how a data silo is born and grows.

The problem with any data silo is two fold. The first is that keeping data separate actually decreases growth opportunities. The second problem with data silos is compliance. Regulators don't care if integration has happened or not. They are there to verify uniform compliance across all the silos of data. While they may be sympathetic to your company history, their job is to measure adherence to a standard. 

One example is OFCCP's request to show the source of talent. If an organization has looked in a plethora of areas, but can't show that, OFCCP regulators are not going to be happy. The solution is to start with better data management first, then allow innovation to occur. That journey starts with a proper platform that can harvest recruiting talent information and metrics. 

Another example is the GDPR compliance where a EU citizen can opt out of messaging. Without a cohesive data fabric, that citizen may opt out in one spot but be sent a message from another location. When that occurs, GDPR regulators are going to be upset.

The best action to avoid data silos and remain compliant is to build the proper foundation first, before data starts to accumulate. That shift in perspective can help leverage opportunities and help a company remain compliant. If data has already started to trickle in, the best time is still the present as compliance problems will only compound if ignored. 

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