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GDPR: Reducing the Panic

May 3, 2018

GDPR is creating a panic among many companies, most of whom are aware that changes to data privacy must be met by the third week in May. While there are certainly some obstacles ahead as companies reshape the way they deal with client data, GDPR shouldn't be a cause for widespread panic. Instead, it's an acknowledgement of consumer rights regarding their data privacy--and understanding how it has the potential to impact your business, can help you take a deep breath, let the panic subside, and better prepare for the changes sweeping throughout the world. 

GDPR Changes

GDPR has created a number of key changes in data privacy. Uppermost in most business's concerns is adhering to these rules to avoid the substantial fees associated with failing to meet those regulations. Changes include:

  • Allowing customers to see what data has been collected about them.
  • Giving customers the ability to delete any data held by a company at will.
  • Permitting customers to transfer data to another company, if they prefer to do so.
  • Mandatory protection of private customer data.
  • Early-stage breach notification that goes out to all customers in the event of a potential data breach.
  • Creating the position of a data protection officer within each company.

What It Means for Your Company

GDPR affects companies worldwide, especially those online that regularly collect customer data for any reason. Ultimately, however, GDPR isn't about creating widespread panic. It's about offering additional security for consumers. While some businesses are scrambling to get a GDPR-compliant plan in place, that doesn't mean you have to panic! Instead, remember these keys:

  • Adopting a data protection officer will put a single individual in charge of these responsibilities, allowing for easier adoption of GDPR standards.
  • Security standards simply increase compliance regulations, improving the odds of better security throughout your company.
  • Data visibility, deletion, and protection will provide your customers with additional security and trust in your company. 

The goal of GDPR is to meet the needs and desires of consumers who are dedicated to the security of their personal and confidential data. Consumers want to know what data companies are collecting about them. These regulations simply help companies meet consumer needs.

If you're struggling to get your company up to scratch, contact us! SwoopTalent will work with you to ensure that you're ready to meet GDPR regulations in time.

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