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Talent Data C Words Part 7: Curated

July 30, 2019

This is the final installment of our 7 C’s of Talent Data series (for now!). This one is the overarching process you use to ensure that every other C word works for you - Curation.  According to the OED, curation is "the action or process of selecting, organizing, and looking after the items in a collection or exhibition"

This is where you decide what data you want technology to handle for you, and how - and then you set that technology to constantly curate and manage your data for you.

It means your data is constantly being taken care of.

Today’s AI-powered algorithms can connect your data to all the other internal and external sources of data. Imagine being able to learn more about potential candidates? Imagine being able to learn more about your current employees? Curating your data is key to being able to manage the information so that you have connected, current, convenient, clean, compliant, and canonicalized data at your team’s fingertips. 

Curated Talent Data Management

Talent data should be viewed as a service, something that is available to provide benefit, value, and results. Curated is the summary of what Talent Data as a service does, since it manages all the other C words for you. This one brings it all together. So much data exists between HR technology systems that curation is a challenge.

Talent data is EVERYWHERE. It's spread across the enterprise and beyond in all kinds of locations, formats, and structures. It might be anything from a well managed, new LMS right through to a wild directory of resumes and ninety four different spreadsheets!  It's not always easy to access, but it's always valuable. Sadly, most companies aren't harnessing it. That's where DaaS comes in.

Talent DaaS: Connecting All Your Talent Data

In a Talent DaaS setting, you connect every bit of talent data you have into your DaaS solution. There are "live" data connections, regularly pulling and updating data from the systems you actively use. Think your ATS, CRM, and HRMS, but also other sources of employee and candidate data within your organization.

All these records are connected for you by algorithms, not consultants. You don't need a unique identifier and the records don't need to be in the same structure or format.

This is an important point to consider.

Disparate records, even unstructured content like resume text, get matched and connected, automatically. That gives you a single record with the entire history of your interactions with someone from every system you have ever had. This means there's a record like that for every candidate, employee, and contractor you've known. Also, being the cloud you can call on it from any of your systems, including your browser.

DaaS also gathers data from everywhere. All publicly available professional data from online records - thousands of sources of data. DaaS matches your data to those sources so that the data on the people you already know is richer, fresher, and more diverse. It doesn’t stop there, there's also data on millions and millions of people you don’t know.

If you were to boil down our series, of the 7 C’s of Talent Data, some of the "use cases" of SwoopTalent’s DaaS include:

  • Easily connect talent systems to each other.
  • Refresh historical data for marketing or analytics, keeping your data current.
  • Display all of your data conveniently where your team needs to see it, without them needing to log in to lots of different systems.
  • Migrate your data from one system to another avoiding data decay and keeping it clean.
  • Maintaining compliant data.
  • Enrich and canonicalize data with publicly available data on important things like skills and job titles (Twitter may know more about the skills of your workforce than you do!).
  • Curate the richest possible dataset to power machine learning and other artificial intelligence.
  • Enable comprehensive analytics.

No matter what data you have, DaaS adjusts itself to suit - and fixes the data available in your API to suit your data, too. There's no such thing as "customer fields" or limitations on the number or content of fields you can have. DaaS grows and adapts with you. When you need to connect a new system, you just do so. This not only means you have more data at your fingertips, it also means the data is curated for exactly what you need it to be. Your recruiters will have access to clean, connected, convenient data whenever and wherever they need it.

SwoopTalent’s Talent Data as a Service (DaaS) focuses on your data from beginning to end so that you know where your data is coming from, how it is presented, and what the analytics might mean for your future.

Photo by j zamora on Unsplash

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