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Connecting Talent Data For Better Hiring Strategies

November 25, 2019

Many companies struggle to find quality employees. They blame the labor market rather than strategically thinking about different hiring and development strategies. By connecting talent data within your organization, you may be surprised by the number of benefits that you can start to reap.

All medium and large enterprises have a variety of talent data sets inside the organization, both current and inactive. If you have a large organization, you likely have dozens of talent datasets! When you combine this with all of the information that is available publicly on the Internet, in such social media platforms and professional sites, you have a dataset that lets you really think differently.

Analyze yourself in the market

When you connect all your datasets (across marketing, recruiting, talent pools, HR, talent, learning, etc, etc), then connect them to public data, you have a remarkable dataset for analytics.  You can dig deeply into labor market behavior and identify all kinds of opportunities to change the way you act - and build competitive advantage

Source Talent

When you start to connect all of the talent data, you can source more talent than you ever thought possible. You may learn more about the individuals you already have in your system - especially in your own workforce. Someone may be considerably underutilized based on their education or experience. This may allow you to promote from within and focus on hiring someone that doesn't require as much talent – a much easier task.

You may also be able to source talent from social media, various online posts where people are looking for jobs, and from resumes that have been turned into you previously.

When you learn to source talent more effectively, you don't have to work as hard. You can often eliminate job fairs or reduce the number that you hold.

Save Time

Often, employees will give two weeks' notice whenever they decide to move on to another company or retire entirely. Two weeks isn't a lot of time in order to find a replacement, especially if you want the person who is leaving to help with the training inside their position.

Depending on the position, the average time it takes to fill a position is anywhere between 18 and 33 days. This means that you run the risk of having a position open inside of your operations for two weeks or more – and this can have a negative impact on productivity and morale.

By connecting all of the talent data, you can save research time. You can search the data faster so that you can find talent that is already nearby. You can potentially fill a position within the allotted time so that there is no empty seat inside of your office for extended periods of time.

Connecting the Data

Centralized data will make it easier for your team to learn about employees and potential employees. It will also allow you to act faster because data will be analyzed for you. You can gain insights and respond to some of the most competitive dynamics.

If you feel as though you are losing data as they bounce between systems, you can eliminate that entirely. You won't have to lose your history – and the longer history you have, the more interesting analytics you can receive.

Using advanced technology will allow you to automatically generate talent data that is stored within the cloud. Through a single access point, you can suddenly learn more about the best talent for a specific position. Advanced algorithms can be used in order to give you a fresh view of the data so that you can capture the latest market trends and labor dynamics.

Investing in artificial intelligence-driven data solutions may be just what is needed to help you take your recruiting process to the next level. Talent decisions can be made faster and more effectively by being able to tap into all of the data that is around you.

Learn more about how to connect talent data so that you can make strategic talent decisions by contacting SwoopTalent today.


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