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Careful when you think of automating your HR processes!

January 20, 2021

Automation has long been the goal of business owners since as far back as the industrial revolution. And now, in the 21st century, technology is finally in a position to fulfill some of these ambitions. Well, one sector that's been ripping these benefits is the HR department. Most companies are turning to automated systems to do everything from analyzing job applications and resumes to dishing out payrolls. In most cases, HR professionals only physically involve themselves when the candidate pool has been filtered, thus saving a substantial amount of resources.

However, while there's no denying the enormous benefits of automation, we have to acknowledge the fact that new technology comes with its share of baggage. The major flip side to the coin is that most of these automation processes require a lot of investment and work.

So, before you go diving blindly into the unchartered territory, here are a few reasons why you should exercise caution when automating HR processes.

Human Resource Process Need a Personal Touch!

One of the most prominent arguments you'll hear out there against automation is that it tends to dehumanize the HR process. You see, the human resource department is inherently meant to be human-centric, and as such, there is a certain level of face-to-face communication that should transcend through the process. Some processes, like layoffs, need to be done personally to portray some level of empathy. At the same time, you need to react appropriately to the emotions that stem from it.

The ideal way to do this would be to combine some intelligent HR software with the human aspect. This way, you get to address the human element while still reaping the automation process's benefits.

Automation Systems Require Training

While automation comes with all its attractive perks, most employers forget the costs associated with integrating such a system into their organization. A lot of money will go towards getting the software itself, and even more, will go on training staff on how to properly make use of it. In most cases, most professionals lack the right knowledge to use such systems.

Therefore, you are encouraged to only push through with automating the systems if you have adequate resources to back the venture.

Managers are Fundamental in the Hiring Process

Some aspects of HR can simply not be done by a fully automated computer. Take hiring, for example. Sure, you can use the software to filter out and identify potentials from a pool of applicants. Still, if you completely let the automation dictate the whole process, there is the risk of refusal of better-fitting applicants just because they have a less impressive CV. While the software may provide an unbiased evaluation and spit out a viable candidate, the data used is not personal enough to explain the person's story.

In this case, there needs to be one-on-one communication with the HR managers to evaluate the individual's competency and responsiveness. This way, you can determine the work ethic, attitude, and willingness to be a team player, overall, securing a higher-performance, better-coordinated work system, and employee relations. The candidates themselves also interact with the recruiters and feel whether they actually want to work with the company.

So Is Automation The Answer?      

There's no denying that automation has its fair share of benefits to an organization. Reduced employee onboarding costs, increased productivity, shorter man-hours, and streamlined recruitment processes, just to mention a few. However, when applying the software, there still needs to be a certain level of caution.

The decisions made in the HR department extend through the whole company. And as business leaders, you must keep in mind its pitfalls. Then find solutions that can reduce any backlash or harmful effects.The key is to try and integrate the human touch as much as possible.

If you are set on automating your HR processes, SwoopTalent is a perfect way to start. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have all the latest systems to have you running as smoothly as possible. So Contact us to make a plan.

Photo by Dominik Dvořák on Unsplash

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