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Attention HR Leaders: 5 Ways You Can Become Even More Data-Driven

June 25, 2019

Digital transformation continues to change the way companies do business, from social media to big data analytics. While most HR leaders know they need to do something to keep up with trends, it's often difficult to put your finger on what, exactly, you can do. Here are 5 ways to make HR work more data driven moving forward.

1. Know your company brand.

Data analytics can help you get to the core of your company branding and allow you to strengthen that brand. The key to finding and keeping the right employees often lies in that sense of purpose that can only come from core branding. Use analytics to find out what values stand out, what methods work and where you may need to adjust your vision.

2. Track employee satisfaction and performance.

Perhaps one of the first uses that comes to mind, data lets you keep track of employee performance and productivity. However, are you also using data to analyze employee satisfaction and retention? By using data analytics as a way to anticipate employee needs and pain points, you can improve performance and other metrics by reducing dissatisfaction and improving retention.

3. Understand your clients - and where your business is headed.

Use customer metrics for a clearer picture of what clients like and don't like. This can help you determine the kinds of new hires that will be the right fit, as well as any training and attitude shifts that may be necessary to keep moving your business forward. Chances are good that your business already has this information. Just make sure that you see and use it too.

4. Gather and use metrics for potential new hires.

One of the most important jobs of any HR leader, data-driven hiring decisions mean taking into account all aspects of potential employees. In addition to hard skills such as diplomas and related work experience, new trends also involve analyzing "soft skills" that you may want very much in potential hires, skills like time management and accountability.

5. Use metrics to rate recruitment channels.

You probably already use metrics to rate new hires, but do you also use them to rate the ways in which you seek out new hires? Data-driven HR includes crunching return of investment numbers when it comes to paid advertising and other recruitment methods. While you may already have some sense of what works and what doesn't, the numbers will let you know for a fact.

The numbers can only go so far. HR will always continue to involve at least some sense of what you know to be true about people and about your workplace. For more information about how to use data to drive HR in a way unique to your business strategy, contact us today.

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

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