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Adding HR Tech Tools: A Teradata Case Study

April 9, 2020


Who Is Teradata?

Teradata is a data company, so they understand the value of data. Teradata offers software that delivers analytics,
data lakes and data warehouses that are all unified in the cloud. While they are experts on data, they understand that talent data has its own qualities that need to be handled in a different method than other data if you want to get the best possible impact. This is because talent data contains very specific information about people, including demographics, activities and
behavioral data. Due to the personal nature of this information, it needs to be handled carefully in order to conform to privacy and compliance regulations.

Teradata Challenge

Teradata were in the process of migrating from one applicant tracking system (ATS) to another, and while they were happy with their new ATS, they also wanted to ensure that they could connect niche products to that core system. For example, they wanted to be able to connect modern surveying tools, chatbots and other technologies to their system to ensure they could always have the best possible recruiting technology and strategies.

SwoopTalent Approach

So, they decided to implement SwoopTalent and solve all of these problems at once. SwoopTalent’s private talent data platform meant Teradata put a data foundation in place so that they would be ready and able to adapt their recruiting process when new recruiting technologies surface. We made it easy for them to connect as many small niche systems as they wanted to their new, core applicant tracking system, at the same time as we prepared their data for seamless migration. And now can then change any of their systems and move them around as the market evolves and changes.


The Solution

This allows for a lot of flexibility. Teradata can easily manage their talent technology stack, as well as automate specific processes across all of their talent systems - saving their recruiters a lot of time and effort. In most situations like this, point-to-point systems are integrated in a spiderweb with limited functionality, with a direct integration from the chatbot to the core applicant tracking system, and another direct integration from surveys to the applicant tracking system – etc, etc, etc.  So many integrations!

SwoopTalent’s hub-and-spoke integrations model is designed so that everything connects to a central integration hub. This allows clients to move data around to any spoke connected to that central hub, which means that they can selectively automate processes across any of the systems that they use. A lot of boring, tedious work is done automatically by the system so that recruiters can spend their time on other, more important things that require their attention – and nobody is stuck with systems they don’t use and integrations that don’t do what they need.

The Benefit

Our “data as a service” solution helped Teradata make their applicant tracking system more efficient and connected so that they could easily find, store and manage their talent data.

Traditional talent data systems do not effectively connect internal and external data sources, resulting in incomplete talent information, high costs for talent acquisition and missed opportunities with internal candidates.

About SwoopTalent

SwoopTalent can help you solve data and system silo issues by connecting your systems to provide clean, connected talent data stored in a central hub in the cloud. No matter what talent or recruiting system you’re using, we can help you transform your data and your data integration, so that you can optimize your entire recruiting process and make better talent decisions.

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