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A Pandemic, Technology....and us

Arleen Roja
October 20, 2020

2020 became a very challenging year for everyone. Despite of all the chaos, we chose to look at the good side. We now appreciate the time spent with our family, learned new skills during the quarantine and more people appreciates our front-liner's hard work.  

During this trying time, Technology became very important for all of us. It became the bridge for us to continue living and thrive. Here are my thoughts.


 Applications like Zoom, Facebook messenger, Teams, etc., made communication easier for all of us. Thanks to these software/applications, we got to see our love ones without the risk of spreading the virus. Though we’ve been doing this prior the pandemic, communication with the camera on helped people to overcome sadness, anxiety, depression, etc. Imagine the world without this capability to see each other online.  


love the fact that we did not give up learning. Sure, this new norm of education takes a lot of effort and sacrifices however, knowing that our kids continue to learn during this period is something we should be thankful about. Some struggles as they don’t have the device needed. Teachers who were not used to incorporating technology in teaching are learning to adapt with these changes as well. Their creativity came out and saw that their passion in teaching is stronger than the virus. We’ve seen people helped teachers and students with the new norm of schooling such as giving away tablets and smart phones, Google partnering with local schools to provide a platform for their online classroom, etc.  


More people chose to establish a small business as they found the time to pursue their passionThanks to social media platforms, it became easier for small business owners to share their products or services. Facebook even launched a program to support small businesses by giving free adsElectronic wallets, credit cards, bank transfers, and other online payment applications became important as well to avoid cash transaction which could spread virus. Great to see these big companies who removed fees for these transactions to help people send money across as they know how a lot of us are struggling financially.  

People struggled between staying at home and safe vs take the risk to go out and work to keep on living. Thankfully, companies opened their doors for people to work from home. This helps us stay at home safe while earning and being productive. Thanks to social media sites like LinkedIn where we got to connect with other professionals, online platforms for freelancers like Upwork, Indeed, etc., where people found clients for their service. Software like SwoopTalent that helps the HR industry to continue sourcing people during this period.  

I know that I highlighted only the good things. Why not? Let’s appreciate these technologies and our kind actions during this pandemic. Simply staying indoors helps a lot. Simply saying “Thank you” with smiling eyes to our front-liners helps a lot. Reminding someone how to properly wear a mask and wearing one helps a lot. Debunking fake news helps a lot and other actions we thought little contribution are actually a big help for us to heal as one 

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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