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6 Talent Acquisition Procedures You Should Automate In 2021

February 25, 2021

The advancement of technology moves faster and faster as time goes by. For some, this is worrying, as they fear they won't keep up. For talent management professionals, it should be an exciting thing. There are so many HR technology trends that have come about to make their lives easier. Workflow becomes more efficient, candidates are more interested, and decisions are more reliable. 

We've spoken about automating your talent pipeline before. Here, we will talk about automation for other talent acquisition procedures.  We will focus on some of the interesting HR technology trends that have come about.  Moreover, we'll tell you why it is important for you to get started with automation as soon as you can! 

Why Automated Talent Acquisition Is Necessary 

In the working world today, and in human resources, there is an increasing need for efficiency. As such, automation has become ever more popular.  

talent aqcuisition hr trechnology trends

Image by Andrea Piacquadio On Pexels 

These days, the number of hires expected from a recruiter per year is higher than ever. This means more work needs to get done, without compromising the quality of hire. In a situation like this, automation of talent acquisition procedures can help out a lot. It can be the difference between a failing team and a winning team. 

Further, recruiting teams are now expected to have data-based KPIs. They are having their progress and performance measured on various objectives. For instance, the quality of the hires made must be high and the time-to-fill must be short. These are important for recruiting teams to focus on, then. 

If you can automate the “busy work” and spend your time on the high value add, your hires can still be top quality. Your team won't have to dig through piles of CVs or spend hours searching LinkedIn. HR technology trends like automation will do that for you. 

Finally, automating talent acquisition will ensure that you get the top talent before your competitors do! This means that you will lead the race in the talent game. 

What Talent Acquisition Procedures Should You Automate? 

In 2021, almost everything can run through automation. That is, of course, if you know how to do it. If you don't, there are companies that can help you, like SwoopTalent, for example. 

Here we list 6 ways you should automate talent acquisition procedures. 

1. Resume Screening 

Successful and effective talent acquisition requires a lot of resume screening to occur.  The problem is that it takes up a lot of time. This is because many of the applicants will not meet the requirements for the role.  

Automation of resume screening is one of the most useful HR technology trends that have come around. You can use intelligent software to screen resumes that enter your talent pipeline. This saves you lots of time and effort. It is important to consider bias risks, though. 

2. Engagement 

Another popular HR technology trend is the use of chatbots. They can engage passive candidates and can even ask screening questions. Keeping candidates engaged is important for the success of talent acquisition. As such, this is one that you should definitely put in place. 

3. Sourcing 

A tough aspect of recruiting is finding the candidates. With HR technology trends like machine learning (ML), you can easily source candidates. ML can analyze the profiles of potential candidates. This will give you insight into their characteristics that are not listed on resumes. 

Here, artificial intelligence can help too. It can increase engagement as mentioned above. In fact, there are software options that automate the attraction of candidates too. 

4. Job Postings 

You can automate targeted job advertisements (a programmatic recruitment technique). This can also help to increase the regularity of social posts, which keeps your organization top of mind with candidates. Automating these procedures saves your staff a lot of time, as they can be tedious when done manually.

5. Interviewing 

One may not consider the interviewing process as something that can be automated.  Yet, it can be, and it is one of the HR technology trends that are less popular but still worthy of noting. 

There are software options that allow you to automate interview scheduling. Moreover, there is software available that allows you to automate the interview itself.  For example, through automatically sending questions and having candidates interview via one-way video.  

Taking this a step further, some technology allows you to assess the interview. It analyzes words used, expressions on candidates' faces, and more. This can assist in bettering the quality of hires made. 

6. Pre-interview Communication 

The use of an ATS is a well-known HR technology trend. This is because of all its useful functions.  Using your applicant tracking system, you can automate some pre-interview procedures. For example, you can automate messages about having received an application. 

You are also able to give applicants tests to do. Moreover, you can schedule interviews using your ATS. Finally, you can even schedule rejection letters to get sent out at a specific time. 

Are There Negatives To Automation? 

As with everything, the HR technology trends that bring efficiency also come with some difficulties. Here's what you should remember. 

  • Applicant tracking systems may give preference to resumes that follow a certain formula. This can be an issue since you may miss out on other candidates that a human wouldn't miss. Applicants may also use the system to their advantage if they know what keywords to use in their resumes.
  • There is always a chance of bias when using automation. This is particularly true for AI. 
  • There are many privacy and security considerations that you must build your systems around. 

hr technology trends

Image by Mati Mango on Pexels

Final Thoughts 

Automation makes many of our lives easier. HR and talent professionals are certainly not excluded from this. As you can see, there are many ways you can automate the talent acquisition process. With more and more HR technology trends cropping up every year, we're sure it will only get better. 

By improving the candidate experience and streamlining workflow, automation is bettering talent acquisition. Put automation in place as soon as you can. Your efforts will not go to waste. 

Main Image By Digital Buggu on Pexels

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