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5 Signs Your HR Department Is Ready For AI

July 20, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly but surely becoming more prevalent. According to a 2019 survey by Gartner, 17% of companies at the time already used AI in HR. They also predicted that an extra 30% of organizations would put in place AI in HR by 2022.  

Having AI in human resources can be massively beneficial. It can simplify processes and improve decision-making and the employee experience, for example. Yet, some organizations are still hesitant. Those who are hesitant often feel as though they are not yet ready to make use of AI.  

 If you're one of those people, then we're here to tell you that you may be wrong.  

Is Your HR Department Ready For AI Implementation? 

It can be tough to embrace rapid change and new technology. But, the truth is, sometimes you need to. Growth and change allow you to remain competitive and can make you more agile long term. The other truth is that, often, you're more ready for change than you know!  

 Below are 5 signs that your HR department is ready for AI. 

1. You Have The Data  

AI tools for talent acquisition, AI recruiting software, AI hiring platforms, whatever you prefer to call it, will need data. Without data, your efforts will not work.  

If you have a wealth of both structured and unstructured data, then you're well on your way. The more data you feed it, the better your AI can learn and adapt - and the better it can produce valuable insights.  

2. You Have A Great Data Collection Process 

AI data collection

Image by Cottonbro on Pexels 

High-quality data is of utmost importance. To get high-quality data, you must have a solid collection process. If you're already in the habit of keeping your data consistent, complete, and up to date, then you're making the right moves.  

3. You Know What Needs Improving 

At SwoopTalent, we believe that you don't have to have it all figured out before you begin. You can grow and change your AI strategy framework as you process. Even so, you might already have ideas about what areas AI can improve, or what problems it can solve. If that is the case, then you're ready to give it a go.  

4. You Need To Scale Up  

If your organization is growing rapidly, and you need to find new, more efficient ways to do things, then AI is the answer.   

For instance, consider the traditional techniques for matching CVs to open positions. This task can take up lots of time, keeping your employees from more important work. By implementing AI in the hiring process, you can improve and scale up the process.  

AI hiring software can match candidates to jobs, and suggest the best-fit applicant. What's more, is that the technology can do this task quite quickly. This means you can scale talent acquisition with ease.  

AI and recruiting are also a perfect match because AI can find skills gaps in your business. You won't even have to put much thought into the type of candidates that you need.  

So, if you need to scale up, improve your process, or free up time for your employees, then you may be ready for AI in hiring. 

5. You Want To Improve The Internal Relationships 

AI talent management is multi-faceted. It can greatly assist, not only with candidates in the pipeline but with existing talent too. AI can give HR professionals deep insights into the existing employees. As such, they can have data-driven conversations with employees. These discussions might involve topics like growth or the future. Your employees will appreciate this, and it will strengthen relationships.  

How Can SwoopTalent Help?  

Tackling AI implementation on your own can be overwhelming. With SwoopTalent on your side, it won't be. We can help you to get your data into the best form, to make it work for you. Using a platform like ours, you can achieve rapid integration and automate data processes. In the end, this can power your AI. Ultimately, Swoop helps you prepare for AI. 

HR cloud SwoopTalent AI

Image by Hitesh Choudhard on Unsplash  

It’s Time To Use AI In HR 

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, then it's time you think about investing in AI. The benefits that you can leverage from AI are significant. Not only can you eliminate busy work, but you can also make better decisions, improve processes, and much more.  

What's more, is that you don't have to worry about not being ready. The chances are that your organization is moving toward AI implementation already. With the help of SwoopTalent, it can be easy.  So, contact us today! 

 Main Image by Tara Winstead on Pexels  

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