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3 Ways Big Data Can Improve Your Recruiter Performance

April 4, 2019

Recruitment is undergoing major changes thanks to the use of data, AI, machine learning and analytics technologies. Today, automation is the game-changer in intelligent recruitment as new tools that assist recruitment managers to identify and evaluate top-tier talents emerge.   

The internet, of course, gives you invaluable access to useful data. And recruiters who use wider datasets are more likely to succeed. Wondering why?  Well, here are three ways big data can increase your recruiter performance.

Improves Quality Of Hire

Every employer wants to attract the best talent. But how can you determine whether you're hiring the right people? One great strategy is to look at the top talent within your company.  Another is to give your recruiters all the data they need to make decisions, right at their fingertips.  AND, you can use data to analyze your process.  Data-driven recruiters examine several metrics, including:  

  • Qualified applicants per request: this shows whether your recruitment strategies are delivering high-performing employees
  • Resignations in less than three months of employment
  • New hire performance
  • Top talent characteristics

Speeds Up Screening And Selection

Hiring models continue to improve, and most of them are becoming more intricate and fine-tuned. The ability to quickly shortlist the most suited candidates is necessary, and increasingly machine learning plays a key role.

Skills appraisal is another area that data analytics or AI can address.  Using automated software, recruiters and sourcers can quickly screen through all the applications for job-specific keywords. This creates a more streamlined process of filtering and selecting the best applicants.

Most companies that have adopted predictive analytics report major improvements in their recruitment and staff retention figures. Google, for instance, uses data-driven recruiting to hire and manage their talents. Other companies such as Sprint and Cisco are also employing predictive analytics to improve their hiring and performance measurement systems.

Enhances Candidate Experience

About 52% of candidates who get immediate feedback are more likely to apply again and refer others, according to the Talent Board. As such, companies who improve candidate experience are more likely to attract the best talent.

Data analytics can help you identify factors that affect candidate experience. The use of data can also enable analytics to help you evaluate the effectiveness of each factor. In return, this assists you to reduce the chances of candidates withdrawing their applications and the odds of losing potential talent.

The use of big data is vital in improving recruiter performance. If you want to improve your recruitment, invest in a new technology that makes it easier and faster to access the data needed. For guidance, please contact Swoop Talent to speak with a team of data experts today.

Photo by Austris Augusts on Unsplash

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