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21st Century Data Governance...say what?

September 17, 2018

 HR Examiner selected 13 vendors (out of 200!) for their 2019 watchlist of "Most Interesting AI Companies in HR Technology".  At SwoopTalent, we were awarded for "21st Century Data Governance".  So, what IS that, exactly?  Well, it's a neat way to say we manage everything you need to do with your data!

WhatIs defines data governance as "the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of data used in an enterprise".   And for that to be "21st Century", it must be automated, smooth and seamless.  Let's look at each of those points:

  • Availability:  With talent data, you should be able to get whatever you need, wherever you need it, whenever.  That requires living data connectors between systems; strong data curation and connection; and powerful, flexible data access methods.  We do that!
  • Usability:  The data needs to be clean, accurately connected and fresh.  Easy to pull and push, easy to access, easy to understand.  And, for the ultimate usability - zero effort ongoing maintenance.  We make sure your clean data is "set and forget" and off you go
  • Integrity:  From ensuring we make accurate record connections to having the latest and greatest dataset, to globally normalizing job titles and any other data, we help you manage your data integrity.
  • Security:  We use industry leading physical and logical security to protect and manage your data.

Think about it - all of your systems cleanly connected, data available however and wherever you need it, assistance with compliance and complete protection...all fully automated.  THAT is "21st Century Data Governance"! 

If you want to know how that can help you, request a demo - or even better, get a talent data assessment and let us REALLY get into the details for you!

PS: yes, we know that's a picture of a governess, not governance, but good governance, like us, is virtually invisible when done well...and invisible just doesn't photograph well!

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