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10 HR Trends that will Shape 2021

November 24, 2020

Lately, our world is facing many changes, and HR is not immune to these challenges. The coronavirus pandemic is reshaping the way we live and work, which is also affecting recruiting and hiring strategy. The global situation keeps being turbulent, but we also see the continuous evolution of technology. How do these factors influence the work of HR professionals and the processes?

Which trends are emerging and will be present in the human resources landscape in 2021? How will they influence the way recruiters work, and why are they significant for every company? To help you navigate the future with ease and align with the changes, here is a guest post, outlining top 10 HR trends that will shape 2021.

1. Youth as the focal point

Although there are currently five generations in the workforce, including traditionalists, baby boomers, and generation X, the youth is taking over. - Millennials and Generation Z are becoming the largest generational cohort in the labor force. As such, they have different needs and values than older workers. 

Hiring managers will have to understand these hires and customize the workplace and tasks to keep them engaged and productive. These young employees are digital natives, and they require continuous mental stimulation, flexibility, and work-life balance. To nurture their growth and encourage efficiency, recruiters can allow flexible working schedules, learning platforms, and accommodate collaborative tools.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) dominance

Most large companies and enterprises are embracing the new-age HR technology, and AI is its crucial element. With the rise of the internet and digital thinking, it was inevitable for HR to integrate AI in its processes to remove all the time-consuming tasks. 

AI algorithms will free recruiters from repetitive actions and let them focus on tasks that have a higher impact. Thus, a machine can remove bias from selection, it is data-driven, and it enables easy access to every information.

Artificial intelligence is already one of the integral elements of modern recruiting. In 2021, this will only increase as it allows finding the most compatible candidate, and it modernizes the process. Many organizations and businesses are using a single Talent Data Platform, Applicant Tracking Software and Recruiting CRM Software to leverage technology and AI algorithms. 

3. Data and analytics boost

The HR field comes with many papers, information, and data. That will increase the use of analytics and the need for data-driven insights in 2021. Having efficient analytic metrics will help recruiters to make predictions and shorten the decision-making process. Talent Data Platform will be the way to achieve these predictions for many recruiters and organizations.

4. Employee engagement

To have a productive workplace, recruiters need to boost employee engagement. Still, only 15 percent of workers feel that their work is engaging. Nevertheless, work engagement is one of the essential elements of employee retention, which is why recruiters should put more effort into corporate social responsibility strategy.

Therefore, hires should feel that they are a part of the company and its vision. Employers and recruiters should cater to their desire to leave an impact and make a difference. That is why a CSR strategy can be effective and show employees how they can take part in the company’s actions and strategy. With this, employers will have more say in the culture and decisions at their workplace in 2021.

5. Workplace customer mentality 

Today, employees are not just workers. They seek a deeper experience, and they want to be able to make their own decisions and goals. That means that recruiters and employers should be flexible, recognize, and answer their workers’ individual needs. 

To achieve providing every employee with an individualized approach, they can introduce tailored tasks, schedules, and activities. One size doesn’t fit everyone anymore. In 2021, employers will have to use advanced technology or creative solutions to find a way to understand their employees and respond to their needs.

6. Self-reflection and development

Self-development, skill improvement, and progression are more and more vital parts of an employee's lifecycle. Workers who possess leadership capacities and resilience can cope with the fast-changing world with more ease.

Hence, in 2021, one of the critical trends will be to equip employers with workshops and seminars that will nurture their mindfulness, professional growth, and the ability to keep the stability and efficiency amidst turbulent times.

7. Remote work and gig economy

With the social distancing and COVID-10, most organizations are shifting to remote work, and the current global situation indicates that remote work is here to stay. Thus, more and more employees are starting to prefer the flexibility gig work offers.

As employees will turn to independent work that provides them with autonomy, employers will have to seek ways to ensure productivity and retain their staff.

8. Employee wellness

Even before the pandemic hit our world, employees were experiencing more stress than ever. Therefore, companies will need to focus on their employee wellness and well-being. For example, employers can introduce well-being survey checks, fitness classes, or team buildings oriented on making the employees feel more connected and accepted.

9. Additional employee benefits 

To boost employee retention, employers will have to make themselves more attractive to the workers and highlight their employee value proposition. However, employers will also have to offer additional benefits, such as better compensation, expanded fertility advantages, etc. That is also a way to strengthen the company brand and increase the talent pool.

10. HR responsibility increase

Although already essential, HR professionals will have more critical roles in 2021, as they will get more say in corporate strategy. They can provide organizations with profound insights that can boost growth, which is why there could be more HR specializations and job positions shortly.

Photo by Hunter Harritt on Unsplash

Author: Jigna has been working with iSmartRecruit for so long. She is highly qualified in generating productive content and marketing the content. She has produced several content that can make you understand the core problems of hiring professionals and recruiters and providing them with quite satisfying solutions through a recruiting technology called the Applicant Tracking System.

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