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Get more value from your Taleo data with SwoopTalent

O-Gold-Partner-clrYou have a LOT of data (and a big investment) in Taleo, and it's the biggest ATS in the world....but it's not as useful as it could be.  You can't search it well, your data is getting stale, it's hard to analyze...and more.

The very best candidates for critical jobs could well be already in your Taleo database, and you can't even find them.  For many companies, it feels like Taleo is where their candidate data goes to die! 

We fix that.  

Here's how SwoopTalent helps you get more from Taleo:

with our powerful search tools, including smart searching and Boolean. You have so much power to find the right people

with fresh internet data - get rich, fresh data on past candidates

see Taleo records from your CRM or internet sites, see all the other data in Taleo.  All the research your recruiters normally do on candidates is done automatically

with a visualizations and your new, rich dataset

with our easy data tools - we can easily unify your Taleo data with all the spreadsheets, emails, resumes and even the old systems you don't use any more.  All the data you have becomes a single, unified data backbone you can access anywhere.  No more lost data

Our matching partners can automatically find the best matched candidates, using your Taleo data PLUS all the data Swoop adds for you.

to Taleo data instantly, with your cellphone

And much, much more.  Complete the form on the right, and we'll set up a consultation!

Here are two examples of how Taleo can look with Swoop in place:

You see all the other data about a candidate right inside the ATS:

Taleo Screenshot with SwoopTalent Sidebar

You see your internal data alongside every other data element in any system:


Those are just two of the many ones a Private Talent Data Cloud benefits users of Taleo.  Contact us to find out more!

SwoopTalent + Taleo
Enrich, search and analyze

Contact us for a free consultation on how you can turn your hard to manage Taleo data into a rich, living Private Talent Data Cloud and start reaping the benefits of truly GREAT data!

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