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Connect all the Data to SmashFly with SwoopTalent

SmashFly's award-winning Total Recruitment Marketing Platform enables talent acquisition teams to find, attract, engage, nurture and convert candidates into qualified applicants using a centralized management system that automates and measures recruiting strategies and programs. Customers use SmashFly to unite their previously disconnected recruiting tools into an integrated software platform for Job Marketing, Web Sourcing, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), Talent Networks, mobile-responsive and SEO-optimized Career Sites, Employee Referrals and Social Recruiting while providing unparalleled, real-time analytics on the sources that produce the best hires for the organization.

In short, SmashFly brings together everything you need to do in recruitment marketing into one place while integrating with any ATS.

Meanwhile, SwoopTalent brings every bit of talent data you need into one place.  How's that for a match made in heaven?  

Here's how SwoopTalent helps you get even more from SmashFly:

SwoopTalent creates Private Talent Data Clouds so that employers can seamlessly combine all of their systems and datasets with all available talent data from across the web.  That means all the data in one place, so you can:

...with our powerful search tools, including smart searching and Boolean. You have so much power to find the right people, and with one click push them to Smashfly

...with the most recent internet data - get rich, fresh data on prospective, current and past candidates, instantly and automatically visible from SmashFly.  All the research your recruiters normally do on candidates is done automatically so they can spend time building relationships with the right candidates

- see your SmashFly records from talent websites AND your ATS (and vice versa).  Swoop lets you see from one system to another easily and seamlessly

with our easy data tools - we can easily unify your data with all the spreadsheets, emails, resumes and even the old systems you don't use any more.  All the data you have becomes a single, unified data backbone you can access anywhere, tightly integrated to SmashFly.  No more lost data

Our matching partners can automatically find the best matched candidates, using your ATS data PLUS all the data Swoop adds for you.

And much, much more.  Complete the form on the right, and we'll set up a consultation!

Here are two examples of how SmashFly can look with Swoop in place:

You see all the other data about a candidate right inside Smashfly:


You can see your SmashFly (and ATS) history...everywhere you are:


Those are just two of the many ways a Talent Data as a Service benefits users of SmashFly.  Contact us to find out more!

SwoopTalent + SmashFly
Connect ALL the data!

Contact us for a free consultation on how you can include Smashfly and all your other  data into a rich, living Private Talent Data Cloud and start reaping the benefits of truly GREAT data!

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