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You have a LOT of data (and a big investment) in your ATS, your CRM and probably many more places across the enterprise, but for many organizations, talent data is not as useful as it could be.  You can't search it well, your data is getting stale, it's hard to analyze...and more.

The very best candidates for critical jobs could well be already in your database, and you can't even find them.  For many companies, it feels like the ATS is where their candidate data goes to die! 

We fix that.  

Here's how SwoopTalent helps you get more from your talent systems:

With our powerful search tools, including smart searching and Boolean, you can search all of your data, and all of the world's data, in one slick search. You have so much power to find the right people

We connect your data to fresh internet data - get rich, fresh data on past candidates, and keep your recruitment marketing records fresh and up to date

See your ATS records from your CRM or internet sites, see all the other data in your ATS.  All the research your recruiters normally do on candidates is done automatically

We automatically connect your data, then connect it to internet data for a single source of the best possible data to power analytics

Our easy data tools easily unify your data with all the spreadsheets, emails, resumes and even the old systems you don't use any more.  All the data you have becomes a single, unified data lake you can access anywhere.  No more lost data

That's right, we store and arrange your data in a totally private and secure cloud, so if you change systems you don't ever lose any of it. 

And much, much more.  Complete the form on the right, and we'll set up a consultation! Whoever you work with for ATS and CRM, we're pretty sure you we can help.

 Here are two examples of how SwoopTalent looks working with an ATS or CRM:

You see all the other data about a candidate right inside the ATS:



You see your data in social media sites:




SwoopTalent + Your Talent Systems
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