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Talent Process Automation

With everything integrated, automating processes across systems is easy – however you need them 

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process automation

Streamline HR and Talent Processes Across Systems 

Run with your ideal business processes no matter what tech stack you have 



There are a lot of repetitive tasks in talent.  Why not set them up to happen automatically? 

Map Across Systems 

Your processes run across multiple systems, and we let you configure them that way 

Monitor and Measure 

Track automations, manage to goals and measure anything 

Build processes, simple or complex

Some automations are quick and easy – some stretch you further 

Sometimes the automation you need is a simple field update, other times it will require complex conditions stretching across multiple systems.  And it’s highly likely that you will have automations that no one else in the world needs to do.  That’s ok – we let you configure automations that run however you need them to. 

Process automation-automation
Process Automation- Decisions and Routing

Decisions and Routing on Any of Your Data

Don’t add a new system – automate with what you have 

All of your systems and data are connected in our talent data platform, which is how we can drive automations across any of your systems.  This means that instead of adding new systems to support automation, you configure processes, decisions and data actions between existing systems.   It’s fully flexible and very powerful. 

Maintain security and integrity

Enforce policies and procedures everywhere from a central control point 

Data security, privacy and integrity is increasingly important, and every time you add systems you add risk.  Your central talent data platform acts as a hub for you to manage policies and enforce them between systems, no matter what processes you need to run. 

Process Automation- security

Track, Monitor and Alert

Know that your automations are running – and always know how well 

You need to know that your automations are working – and working how you expect them to.  With SwoopTalent you configure measures and alerts, and easily track the action on your dashboard.  It’s a control center for your data, systems and automations. 

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