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Our Talent Data Platform 

Control.  Innovate.  Automate.  Save Money.  It’s your HR Tech – drive it. 

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Transform your HR Tech Stack 

Don’t let your systems hold back talent strategy.  Build your perfect technology stack – integrate any systemsautomate processesmanage data, analyze everything take control! 



Create your perfect stack using any systems and tools you need – no more “vendor preferred” 


Add, remove and modify systems any time you want to – no lost data and no daisy chains 


See processes across systems and always know how well integrations are performing 

Easily Connect ANY System

Simplify Connections with our AI powered Hub and Spoke Platform 

Designed from scratch for talent systems, our intelligent Talent Data Platform manages every kind of talent data from every system.  If your application connects to anything it can connect to SwoopTalent – and from there it can connect to any other system.  We eliminate the spider web/daisy chain approach of integrating individual applications to each other, often creating very complex ecosystems.  Instead, we connect everything to a central hub and use intelligence to ensure everything sings in harmony.  And you can add, retire, revise and adjust your stack easily, at any time. 

Platform- connect
Our Platform- data mapping

Clear Data Mapping, Transformations and Automations

No more challenges having apples and apples in different systems 

To make your HR Tech stack sing, you must ensure that different systems understand each other.  We provide the tools to easily manage that – for data and processes.  We even give you normalization for key data, and the ability to transform data as you move it between systems.  Your integrations and automations will be clearer and more powerful than ever. 

Analyze What’s Happening

See your HR Tech stack in action and monitor it in real time 

A LOT happens in your HR Tech stack, and it happens across the entire talent lifecycle.  Our dashboards, visualizations and analytics allow you to see and monitor everything – and to ensure the right people are automatically alerted if anything goes wrong.  You’ll even be able to measure how well the systems you use deliver on promise – even when you need to measure across multiple systems. 

Our platform- analyse
Our platform- self adapt

Fully Self-Adapting Platform Cuts Costs

Your platform adapts itself to your stack – no coding, no hassle 

Part of the technological magic of the SwoopTalent Talent Data Platform is in self adaptation.  Your data platform, data dictionary and API’s adapt to your stack.  Any system you connect will automatically be available to talk to all of the others.  This patented technology, along with our decades of experience with talent systems and data, ensures your integrations will be both powerful and easy. 

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