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Talent Data Insights

Analyze and visualize everything talent – inside your organization and out 

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Powerful Analytics of Automatically Managed Data 

Access every single piece of internal and external talent data in a Magic Quadrant listed analytics and visualization platform.  We do the data, you do the driving. 


Full Author Power 

Full control of the visualizations and analytics you need – build anything from any data.  You can share what you need to, even build alerters…and more. 

Automatic Data Loads 

Data from every talent system and the internet are automatically connected, curated and normalized for you.  No more ETL misery. 

Rapid Success 

You’ll be in production in weeks, not months.  Add any data source any time, and you can even start analyses on public data on day one. 

World Leading Platform – by the Seat

Access Looker by Google on our infrastructure and data lake 

We built our Insights platform on Looker™ to ensure you get the very best data (ours) ready in the very best analytics and visualizations platform (theirs).  We automatically and constantly manage and load data for you, Looker gives you incredible power to do more with data. 

Insights-World Leading Platform
Insights-Every Piece of Data

Every Piece of Data – Automatically Curated

The Talent Data Platform eliminates the ETL and doesn’t miss a single piece of data 

Designed from scratch for talent systems, our intelligent Talent Data Platform manages every kind of talent data from every system.  We don’t need a unique identifier to connect records (really!), and we handle unstructured and structured data.  We even automatically extract skills, and we normalize job titles, companies and schools.  You are going to love how good this dataset is. 

External and Internal Data - Together

We gather the public data and tie it to yours, you leverage the power of in-market insights 

Our powerful dataset of 500M+ public profiles, connected automatically to all of your talent data sources using our patented matching algorithms.  Compare yourself to competitors, understand labor market trends and always compare apples to apples.  And you can build any analytics and visualizations you like, it’s not just prepackaged reports. 

Insights- External and Internal Data
Design, Build, Share

Design, Build, Share and Circulate

Full control with author seats, share anywhere for no extra 

Create easy-to-read reports and beautiful dashboards that allow users to explore patterns in every piece of talent data. Easily share data-rich visualizations anytime, from any device. Schedule and automate the distribution of reports, insights, data sets, and query results across every platform and dataset you use. Send alerts and updates when something changes.  Ensure the right people are in the know. 

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