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Talent Data Feeds

Access your data anywhere – singly or in bulk 

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Rich, comprehensive data feeds wherever you need them 

Access your data or ours anywhere you need it, as often as you want.  A dream dataset for ML, analytics, AI and more 


Any data, any time 

From API calls to python connectors, you can get your data (and ours) as you need it 

Huge pipelines 

Call from a dataset of 500M+ records and pipe them to analytics, AI or anywhere 

Clean, Curated Results 

Normalized and beautifully curated data gives your data users the best possible set 

Flexible access at volume and speed

Connect via Snowflake for leading performance 

Call via API directly from our talent data platform, or connect with a range of bulk data methods from our warehouse in Snowflake™.  You can even set up a connector to the system that needs to receive the data so you pipe it where it needs to be automatically.  Powerful, high volume, flexible – just like us.  

Talent data feeds- Flexible access
Talent data feeds- public records

500M+ public records – and your own

An incredible dataset for all of your needs 

Our public dataset is sourced from hundreds of places, is privacy compliant, and is available to all of our customers.  And for customers with connected talent systems, it’s also connect to their private data.  So you have a single set of data than includes every piece of talent data you could want. 

Organized JSON for maximum flexibility

Data that’s easy to use and completely comprehensive 

We curate our data into a very clean JSON record that contains every available piece of data – clearly labelled and easy to interpret.  We include a summary section if you don’t want to compare the various data sources – and all the contributing parts if you do. 

Talent data feeds- Organized JSON
Talent data feeds- Normalization

Normalization for ease of use

Key fields have normalized versions so you can connect them to anything else you need 

We normalize job titles, company names, schools and more, and we deliver the normalized value as well as the original, so you lose no data.  This allows you to connect our dataset to business data or anything else you need to analyze with your talent data. 

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