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System Migrations

Switching systems in HR Tech just got a lot easier 

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Add Flexibility and Convenience to Migrations and Never Lose Data 

The SwoopTalent Talent Data Platform extracts and preserves every piece of data from the system you are retiring and allows you to migrate whatever you need to into your new system.  We preserve any data you need but can’t migrate – and we even display it right inside your new system. 


Design and Map Everything 

Automatically extract, curate and preserve every piece of data from your current systemconnect, select and transform it however you need to for your target system.   

Adjust as Needed 

Make changes during the project with no need to start over.  The data lake contains the entire original source and you make adjustments at will 

Lose Nothing 

Grab all the data in real time up until the moment you retire it, then save every piece as long as you want – and display it where you need it 

Migrate via Data Lake

Every piece of source data extracted and curated for ease of use 

Instead of point to point migrations requiring coding or dependent on vendors, a data lake gives you a much more effective way to move data.  Our dedicated talent system connectors extract every piece of data from your source system and then curate it into a clean, simple format for you to transfer it to the target.  Migrate any subset of the data, any way you need to.  Any data you don’t move is preserved, and any data you transform will be kept, too. 

System Migrations - migrate via
System Migrations - combine

Combine, Transform and Model Ad Nauseum

Easily make changes and adjustments as often as you need to 

Most system migrations need a lot of adjustments throughout the project.  Needs emerge or change right up to (and even after!) the cutover date.  No problem – make the adjustments as you need to.  Transform or normalize any values.  You can even combine multiple source systems into one target – and you can refresh and/or enrich the migrated data on the way if your target system benefits from a data quality lift.  All the power of a data lake is there for you to create your perfect migration data set. 

Instant Switchover

No more system freezes or dead time between systems 

The data lake pulls data from the source system right up until the moment you sunset it, and the source can extract data forever – so with SwoopTalent there is no freeze between systems.  You just flick the switch and the data happily does what you need.  And ALL of the original data will be available to you as long as you want it, so you can even pull more data later if you decide you need to.  Think of it as your belts and braces. 

System Migrations - safe data

Zero Data Loss

Lose no data moving between ANY systems 

Not all data from system A fits very well in system B, and in the past that was a challenge for companies changing systems. Our Talent Data Platform preserves every piece of data from any system you sunset – every piece.  So even if you can’t move it to your new system, you won’t lose it, not even to a warehouse.  Anything your users need to see will be displayed right inside your new system in our browser extension. Nothing is lost, ever. 

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