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Everyone needs it, everywhere.  We do it really, really well. 

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A single search across all your talent records 

Find any talent record with flexible powerful search tools in your comprehensive, enriched dataset 


Include any dataset 

Any database, any system – we can include it in our people search 

Flexible search options 

Use Boolean or our amazing search interface.  Include or exclude what you need.  Up to you. 

Incredible speed 

World beating search technology means super fast results 

Search all of your records plus 500M+ public records

An incredible dataset to find anything you need 

Our customers search their private talent data lakes – every single piece of their talent data, plus 500M+ records of ours.  You can search any or all of it with ease in a single search.  We even normalize key fields in the data so your users don’t need to worry about any weird naming conventions, either. 

Search- 500 M profiles
Search - your way

Search your way – super fast

Keyword, your fields or Boolean – you get fast results 

Our search interface is very flexible.  Boolean search?  No problem.  Multiple rows instead of nested brackets?  Of course!  Add your own fields and filters?  Any time.  We’ve been delivering talent search to leading customers for more than 5 years, we know what you need. 

Nice to have, not just yes or no

Search that allows for grey areas makes sense for talent 

Many systems return only yes or no results with a very limited set of choices, so if you have “nice to have” areas, you’re out of luck.  Not SwoopTalent – we let you use unlimited values in unlimited rows and give you an optional flag, so you can make your results weight to your preferences, not just your “must haves”. 

Search - Nice to have
Search - Make it yours

Make it yours

Save or automate searches – even run them from other systems 

Got a search you run often?  You can save it, or even set it up as an agent to run regularly for you.  Search inside our interface, or use our powerful API’s to search from any of your own systems.  We make search powerful, flexible and easy to use – just as it should be. 

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