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Show every piece of data your users need, anywhere they need it.  Move records on the fly, expose data that doesn’t “fit” and get information wherever you need it. 

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Give users ALL the data they need

Integrations don't always get all of the data into the places it is needed - but our browser extension does. Any kind of talent data can be displayed across systems, securely and cleanly.



Display any kind of data from any system in any other without customizing, and without losing anything 


When you need to push data from one system to another, do it in one click via our browser extension. 


Full enterprise security protects data in the extension, and even helps you with data compliance globally 

Any Data Displayed in Every Application

Make all the data available where users need it 

Lots of data is usually “left out” of deep integrations: unstructured data, historical data, rarely used data, even data that just doesn’t fit in a system.  Separate systems all too often stay all too separate.  No more!  Use our browser extension with your talent systems and you can easily display all the data from every system in one place – including live links directly to the source system.  It even hides away when you don’t want to use it. 

Browser Extension -easy

Convenient, Easy and Intuitive

Data right where you need it, but never in the way 

The SwoopTalent Browser Extension is visible on every page you need it, but it also hides away when you don’t.  Clever, clear design means that you can find an amazing amount of talent data – and you can open the source system page with a click if you need to see more.  Brassring Forms, unstructured chatbot conversations, retired systems, fields you didn’t migrate…no data point is too hard for us.  It’s like a library card for your talent records. 

Push Data with a Single Click 

Data right where you need it, but never in the way 

ATS to CRM, Engagement to Performance, HR to Learning – there are lots of examples of ways and times talent professionals need to instantly move data.  No more waiting for an integration to happen in the background, you can push data in a single click right in the SwoopTalent Browser Extension 

Browser Extension - push data
Browser Extension - secure

Support Compliance with Ease

Ensure data compliance and security without compromising ease of use 

Data privacy and other compliance requirement like GDPR and CCPA can cause headaches anywhere.  But our Browser Extension ensures users know about opt-outs and more everywhere they see talent records.  Share widely knowing data is protected with the best possible enterprise security, and shared only with the people who need it.  And our Browser Extension doesn’t do any nefarious scraping or taking private data, it’s 100% enterprise ready. 

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