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Auto-matching and Machine Learning

Leverage deep learning on our incredible dataset to bring personalized, human managed insights across the talent spectrum 

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Continuous learning from your data, your users – and your strategy 

Eliminate opaque results from your machine learning strategy by using learning models that listen to your organizational needs 


Deep learning 

Use methods that learn continuously from you – skip the custom algorithms. 

User control 

Models react to your data and actions – and can even be completely overridden 

No more opacity 

Fully understand how and why the machine learning gave results it gave 

Automatically find the best talent

Match talent from anywhere to your jobs, with deep personalization 

Our talent data platform automatically curates and manages all of your talent data (including jobs), so our machine learning for job matching can pull the best candidates for any opportunity from anywhere.  Your workforce, contractors, candidates – anywhere.  We generate custom ML models for your jobs, and deliver the matches to your users to manage and control the results. 

Automatically find the best talent
find the best talent- strategy

Incorporate your strategy and preferences

You drive the models, not the other way around 

Machine learning should not rely solely on history – because history is not constant!  Our models are designed to let you influence their outcomes by indicating things that are important to you.  That might be emerging skills, new locations, changing enterprise requirements – or even your diversity strategy.  Ensure you are in the driving seat on what machine learning recommends. 

Engage inside existing systems

Deliver insights to wherever your users work 

We deliver your machine learning recommendations right inside the system they belong to – for example, candidate matches to jobs are delivered via our browser extension right inside your ATS.  Users don’t need to go anywhere else to get what they need from machine learning, and they can take action right in the extension. 

Auto-matching and ML- engage
Continuous Learning With User Override

Continuous learning – with user override

Don’t be constrained to learning only from history 

We think the most important algorithm might be {best possible historical data} + {genuine machine learning} + {organizational strategy levers} + {user interventions} = {best possible recommendations}.  So that’s what we built.  Your users teach our machine learning models with direct input, and also with every choice and action they make in your talent systems.  This way our machine learning continuously adapts to your changing needs and circumstances

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