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Automate talent data management so you can

Talent Data as a Service so you can
have a single set of ALL the talent data

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Connect ALL the Data

From social data to your HRMS and ATS to spreadsheets.  All automatically connected for you.  No more custom integrations, no more painful data migrations, no more Extract Transform and Load - just plug, play and relax!

Use Your Data, Your Way

Analytics, recruiting research, system integrations, and so many more ways to use data.  Every one of our customers uses data differently - we make it easy.  Access all of the data in your systems or ours, however you need it.


Be Ready for What's Next

The future is data-driven.  We arrange your data to train algorithms, feed analytics and power AI.  We keep it clean, fresh, and curated - and and we let your data keep you ready for whatever is next.  

Trusted by leading companies of all kinds:
Juniper Networks
Electronic Arts


How can YOU become more data driven in talent?

SwoopTalent exists to help you become more data-driven at every stage of the talent lifecycle.  From making more informed hiring decisions to rich, comprehensive talent analytics to powering machine learning - and everything in between - a SwoopTalent private talent data lake will help.  If you would like a 1:1 consultation on how you can become more data driven, click the button to the right and take our Talent Data Assessment.  Our experts will review it, and we'll set up a call to talk through your specific challenges and opportunities.  No two organizations have the same talent data landscape, and no two organizations have the same path forward.  We're flexible enough to help, no matter where you are today.

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"Swoop is our Swiss Army knife, we are using it in a number of ways. Sourcing, Data augmentation, Data migration. Swoop as a platform is quickly becoming the glue that connects our multitude of data sources."

Brad Cook - VP Global Talent Acquisition, Teradata

Brad Cook
VP Global Talent Acquisition, Teradata

Why Use SwoopTalent?

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