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Change The Way You rThink about HR Tech

It's Your HR Tech.  Drive It.

Take complete control of your HR Tech and Talent data with our revolutionary Talent Data Platform

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HR Systems and data


with any technology you want


processes across any systems


on every single HR Tech project

Do you struggle to put your talent systems and data to work?

Does your old school HR Tech hold your talent strategy back?

Are your HR Tech integrations and migrations more trouble than they should be?

Does automation, machine learning and AI seem too hard with the tools you have?

At SwoopTalent, we believe your HR Tech should give you power, not pain.  Our platform is designed to make it easy to solve your HR Tech problems today and in the future.

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Data and Connectivity Power Talent Strategy

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Our platform automatically connects all of your talent systems and data to power everything you need to do across the full talent lifecycle. Whether it's integrations, automation, data refresh, analytics, migrations, machine learning, or any other priority, we free you up to do the strategic things.


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Here's how it works.

When you're ready, powering up your HR Tech stack with a Talent Data Platform is easier than you imagine.  Add systems and data as you need to, whenever you want.  We're that flexible.

Trusted by leading companies of all kinds:
Juniper Networks
Electronic Arts
Simple Pricing

Simple Pricing

We eliminate complexity from HR Tech, and from your budgeting process, too.

Our pricing is a flat, annual fee based on how many employees you have.  Solve unlimited data and systems challenges on the platform with unlimited users, data transfers, analytics, use cases and API calls.

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Why do you need a Talent Data Platform?

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There are a multitude of strategic reasons your organization needs SwoopTalent’s Talent Data Platform

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