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The latest SwoopTalent and talent data industry news.

Mining for Hidden Gold with Unstructured Data

by SwoopTalent April 16, 2018

What if 90% of your hiring data was missing?

A hiring manager wouldn't ask potential applicants to submit 10% of their work experience on their resume, right? Certainly not 10%..

Don't Panic! Migrating Data During a Merger or Acquisition Doesn't Have to Suck!

by SwoopTalent March 5, 2018

Dealing with a company merger or acquisition can often be exciting, but also a blessing and a curse. While it might bring new life to your company joining with another..

Need a skills inventory? Cast your net wide!

by SwoopTalent March 1, 2018

During the recruiting process, you naturally make a list of the skills needed for a position, and measure candidates' skills against that list. But do you keep track of the..

Beware Data Science Delusions!  6 to Steer Clear Of.

by SwoopTalent February 26, 2018

"Data science" can often be an amorphous and murky world for organizations, no matter the industry or sector. Collecting and having data is one thing, but actually knowing what..

What is Machine Learning and Why Should Talent Pros Care?

by SwoopTalent February 22, 2018

Machine learning has been in the tech headlines a lot lately, but to a beginner, the topic can be a little ambiguous. Machine learning will continue to integrate itself into..

De-duping to clean your candidate data? Here's why you shouldn't

by SwoopTalent February 19, 2018

De-duping isn't always the right way to manage your talent data

For those of us in CRM or recruitment marketing, clean data can feel like the holy grail. And we're often..

Is data decay wrecking the ROI on your recruitment marketing efforts?

by SwoopTalent February 15, 2018

When recruiting talent for a large company, it can be frustrating to discover that candidate data are no longer accurate. If you call up a potential candidate and discover that..

Data Pools have Grown to Data Lakes: Taking Advantage of Big Data Capability in Recruiting

by SwoopTalent February 12, 2018

Constructing a data lake of available talent goes well beyond a talent pool for reaching the right candidates. New terminology enters the business community all the time. In..

Six Recruiting Data Mistakes you might be making right now

by SwoopTalent February 7, 2018

Data are consistently becoming a core focus in the recruiting field (some of our other posts on this topic can be found here and here). But even for recruiting professionals..

Show and Tell: Revelations Hidden in Job Listing Data

by SwoopTalent January 30, 2018

It's obvious that your company's employment listings are public and searchable. After all, that's how you connect to candidates and fill your need for talent. But have you..

Artificial Intelligence Basics for Talent Professionals

by SwoopTalent January 18, 2018

Chances are, a bot is managing your investment portfolio right now. Investment companies develop proprietary algorithms to analyze the behavior of markets, and make predictions..

Making data work for talent pros

by SwoopTalent October 17, 2017

Big data!  Small data!  Pudgy data!  Kind of average middle sized data!  I want to talk about big data for talent, but that's already kind of taboo.  Sad face.

What's the deal..

Data Network Effects for Talent

by SwoopTalent October 2, 2017
What IS a Data Network Effect?
First, what's a data network effect? Well, it's based on network effects. A network effect is when a product or service gains more value as..

The End of Data Silos in Talent Data

by SwoopTalent August 30, 2017
If we want to get to "data driven" talent strategies and decisions (and we do!), we badly need to get rid of talent data silos. Most studies on workforce analytics or..

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