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The Best Talent Sourcing Platform.

“SwoopTalent has innovated in the aggregation of candidate social data, but also in the area of Talent Community Development and Employer Branding.
One of the few vendors in their category that provide solutions that cover both the Internal and External Talent Pools
.” - George Larocque, 2012 #HRWINS Awards

Since 2011, SwoopTalent has been building the most powerful, scaleable, and accurate social sourcing platform in the industry. Your very best candidate could be in your workforce, in your applicant tracking system or anywhere across the internet. With more than 160,000,000 talent profiles ready to integrate into your own data and processes, SwoopTalent lets you find the best talent anywhere in one simple search. Let us help you Swoop it up.

Source Like You'd Google

Augmented with our proprietary algorithms, you’ll be able to effectively scale hiring and locate hard-to-find talent more quickly and easily. SwoopTalent can even go beyond your search and intelligently suggest additional keywords using semantic technology to improve your search accuracy and provide more relevant results. Get the data how you want it, when you want it. 

One Interface, All Access

Search across all databases you have with one consistent interface. Or filter by specific databases. However you want to sift through the data, Swoop Talent does all heavy-lifting in the background to ensure refreshed and accurate data so you can focus on finding the right talent.

Strategic Sourcing

Align your team and hiring goals with a knowledge base that improves efficiency and reduces on-boarding time. Organize your sourcing efforts with talent pools, easily create queries your team can share and use, understand histories of all of your interactions, and learn where your inbound talent is coming from so you can build more targeted talent pipelines. 

Our Customers

We have customers ranging from individual sourcers through recruiting agents right to big employers like Allstate, GE, and ADP. Making our customers happy is our #1 priority, and we look forward to making YOU another happy Swooper!

Sourcing Tour

Click on the gallery below to check out some of our features:

And that's just a few of our powerful sourcing features. Ready for more? Book a demo now - it takes just 20 minutes of your time to see how you can find better talent in a heartbeat.

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Paperless College Hiring

Just for Recruiters

Make college hiring fairs less tedious. Using a smartphone or tablet, instantly convert paper resumes into digital applications (and correlated with SwoopTalent's 160M talent profiles!), ready to be engaged directly from within your systems.

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