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Our Partners

SwoopTalent works with all kinds of companies to help drive talent success at our customers and theirs.  From deep integrations to ATS' and CRM's, through automated talent matching and specialized data enhancements, to the grooviest data visualizations you can imagine, we make it very easy for organizations to work with us.

SwoopTalent works with Taleo! SwoopTalent works with Kenexa Brassring! SwoopTalent works with icims! SwoopTalent works with Greenhouse! SwoopTalent works with Bullhorn!
SwoopTalent works with SuccessFactors! SwoopTalent works with Jobvite! SwoopTalent works with Workday! SwoopTalent works with SmashFly! SwoopTalent works with TalentCircles!
SwoopTalent works with PeopleSoft! SwoopTalent works with Ascendify! SwoopTalent works with Crelate! SwoopTalent works with SilkRoad!  

Are you an employer and not seeing your vendor?  Don't worry, we probably work with them already, and if we don't, we'd like to.  Let's chat.

Are you a vendor who'd like to partner?  Apply to be a SwoopTalent Partner

We exhaustively tested matching algorithms from across the industry and across the globe, running independent tests against a range of datasets and  a range of hard to match roles, and we selected two companies we're very proud to call partners - including Maj.io and BeWorkHappy.



By implementing a matching partner with SwoopTalent, you can be assured of:

  1. World beating excellence in matching jobs to people.  We believe that by seamlessly combining Swoop's industry leading data capabilities with the focused, proven algorithms of our specialized matching partners, you get the very best automated talent matching in the world.
  2. Automatically include passive AND active talent.  The very best match for your job might be in your ATS, or your CRM - or might be out there on a site you haven't seen yet!  When you are matching on all of the data in your Private Talent Data Cloud, it won't matter - we'll find them for you anyway - effortlessly.
  3. Seamlessly work with your current ecosystem.  Matching can be completely automatic, delivering matching candidates in your CRM, your ATS, by email, or in Swoop - instantly.  

More about automated matching

While some vendors try to be all things to all people, we power the ability to choose the very best.  We have world leading partners for data enhancements like these:high-volumes-of-data.png

  • Diversity Indicator.  Trust us, this is NOT a simple algorithmWe'll help you work with the best, so you get diversity right
  • Talent Availability Signal. Be the first to know your target candidate has been impacted by an industry, organizational or management change
  • Engagement Prediction: Based on a wide range of personal and company signals, know whether your target candidate is likely to engage in a career change discussion
  • Industry Recruitability Outlook: Know which industries are better targets from which to recruit, and where are you mostly likely to find candidates open to career changes

SwoopTalent’s sophisticated data architecture means we can work with all kinds of data and partners to deliver the perfect data solution for you.  Best of all, we handle everything, so you get best of breed everything, while only dealing directly with Swoop.  

our data partners

We have some very interesting partners we can't name because they are doing things with data that are leading the world.  Sometimes they augment their data with ours, or do analytics, or update their databases, or analyze their markets, or develop algorithms...or other things we haven't even thought of yet!  If you want to use our fantastic dataset for any reason, then please 

Apply to be a SwoopTalent Partner

If there is anything else you'd like to know about SwoopTalent and how well we work with others, contact us and let us know.  We look forward to it!